Porsha Williams Says She & Simon Guobadia Don’t Have A Wedding Date, Reacts To His Family Having Multiple Wives

Porsha Williams Says She & Simon Guobadia Don’t Have A Wedding Date, Reacts To His Family Having Multiple Wives

Former The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha WilliamsShe shared some interesting details about her engagement. Simon Guobadia.

Ex-housewife Porsha WilliamsTalk show host, sat down Tamron Hall to discuss what’s next after turning in her peach. She is working on a new memoir. Real Housewives spin-off. However Porshais engaged Simon Guobadia, she says that she’s not sure when they’re going to make it to the alter. She answered a question about her wedding date:

“Right now we haven’t set our date. We’re dating right now. He’s still courting me.”

Tamron Hall didn’t let up on the question and continued to press PorshaLearn more about the matter. PorshaContinued:

“You should be dating, you should be keeping the excitement going. We’re enjoying each other. I’m still his special sweetheart, we’re in the honeymoon phase. Yeah…it’ll come.”

PorshaInsisted that the actual date of their marriage was still unknown due to Southern culture.

“In the south, we call it the ‘courtship moment.’ He’s still just treating me so special, we just bought a home together, we’re about to move in. We’ve got so much going on that…it’s coming.” 

Southerner Tamron wasn’t buying Porsha’sAnswered and said that she believed the wedding would happen, but that she also believed something was holding. Porsha back.

Things became more difficult when TamronOriginally published Simon’sStatement about Nigerian culture and having multiple women. She suggested that his past comments discouraged her from moving forward with the wedding.

“So, Simon revealed on the show that his grandfather had 25 wives, and that prompted you, apparently, to ask him if he’d ever cheated. He responded, ‘of course. Everyone has cheated.’” 

Again, PorshaHis beliefs were a result of his culture.

“Let’s start with: he’s Nigerian. It’s his culture. They’re allowed are open to having multiple wives. But, you know, Simon has been in America since he was 17 years old, and I’m American. So, we’re going to have one wife and one husband.”

Porsha and Simon officially announced their relationship–followed by their engagement–in May 2021. Simon was previously married. Porsha’s Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Falynn Pina. They were still married when he met them. PorshaSoon after, they were divorced. Porsha began her Real HousewivesShe traveled with her ex-husband, a former footballer. Kordell Stewart. They split in 2013. In 2019, PorshaShe gave birth to a girl. Pilar Jhena, who she shares with ex-finacé Dennis McKinley.

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