Poll shows 55% of Conservative Party members want Truss to resign

YouGov released new data this morning indicating that Liz Truss has lost support from conservative party members.

YouGov asked 530 ordinary Conservative party members for their views in its latest poll.   55% of those polled wanted Liz Truss resigned, with only 38% wanting Liz Truss remain as prime Minister.

These results mirror a JL Partners poll that suggested that Rishi Sunak would be 43% to 28% ahead of Liz Truss if today’s Conservative party leadership election were re-run.

32% of party members were asked who they wanted to see replace the prime minster in the latest yougov poll. Rishi and 23% each chose Boris Johnson.


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Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, received support from 10% of those polled, with Penny Mordaunt, the Leader of the House of Commons securing support support from 9%.

Although it is unlikely that Conservative MPs would accept the return of Borsis, polls on which party members favor a replacement are more important given the current circumstances.

To avoid the political vacuum a second membership vote would create, Conservative MPs agree that, if it happens, they will unite around a single candidate to succeed her.  In this sense, polls of party members can be used as proxy ballots for full membership.

The latest polling setback to the prime minister comes as five Conservative MPs openly call for her resignation. Sir Charles Walkes (and Angela Richardson) joined the similar calls by Crispin Blunt, James Wallis, Andrew Bridgen and James Wallis this morning.

According to current Conservative party rules, Liz Truss, a new leader, cannot be challenged within 12 months of taking office.   Although these rules can be changed, any such process is currently on hold, until a new set elections for vacancies on the executive of the 1922 committee are held later today.

Sir Graham Brady MP is said to be listening to his colleagues regarding the position of the prime minster.  According to reports, Sir Graham met with Liz Truss yesterday afternoon and it is believed that they have agreed to continue their discussion later in this week.