Plies Says Black People Should Start Making Their Own Demands: I Never Had An Option When It Came To The Pledge Of Allegiance


Plies Says Black People Need to Make Their Own Demands

Plies is back with another message. 

Algernod Washington, also known as Plies45-year old entrepreneur wants Black people start making their demands. In a new video, he posted it to Instagram. Shawty rapper explains why black people need to start standing up for themselves and their kids’ education. 

Plies says it all in the video 

“I hope nobody takes this the wrong way ‘cause I don’t mean it in a racial way. This message is to all my Black folks…The same way we sit and watch other races tell school teachers, the school system what not to teach their kids and what they don’t want their kids learning, i.e Critical Race Theory, let me say this to my people: let’s stop living by other people’s demands.”

He continued,

“Things that you don’t want for your kids, let’s start having the same got d*** conversation.” 

Referring to his childhood Plies shared, 

“It’s just like how I told myself from elementary school to middle school, through High school, I had to stand and put my hand over my heart and repeat some god**** words that nobody ever asked my mama, did me, her, or anybody agree with. It was forced on us.”


He continued, 

“You can say it patriotic, you can say whatever you want to say but I never had an option when it came to the pledge of allegiance, [or]Stand up for the national song It’s words somebody else wrote.”

PliesHe said that he was not mad at other races for making demands, but wanted to encourage black people have their own. 

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