Philadelphia Home Depot Workers File to Form Company’s First-Ever Retail Union

Philadelphia Home Depot employees working as retail workers filed a petitionThis week, unify! seeking to It is possible that the store will be the first to form a union.

The filing covers 274 employees, according to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and the union is listed as “Home Depot Workers United.”

This will likely to be the first ever store-wide union within this company. The NLRB website shows only four petitions for union representation filed within Home Depot, none of which appeared to cover a large swath of employees at a single store like the Philadelphia workers’ petition. According to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 60 Home Depot driversThey won a petition to unite San Diego in 2019, and were the first to join Teamsters.

These workers join a growing number of retail workers in large companies such as Target and Walmart. Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Apple, REIAnd Chipotle that have recently filed to unionize — a wave that labor activists and progressives Saying “It” is a sign that the labor movement is stronger than it’s been in decades.

As the Philadelphia InquirerAccording to reports, Philadelphia workers are unhappy with their pay, staffing, and overall working conditions. While the company has seen record profits during the pandemics, employees claim that their working conditions have declined.

“Long story short, we got screwed over during the pandemic,” employee-organizer Vincent Quiles told the Inquire. “This company made money hand over fist, and we just feel exploited. A lot of times we feel like we’re just a means to an end to make other people a lot of money.”

Throughout the pandemic, the company has been extremely profitable. Throughout 2020And 2021, the company made tens of billions of dollars in profits, with 2021 being a “record year,” according to CEO Craig Menear. Last month, the company approved a $15 billion stock buyback plan, while Menear’s compensation for 2022 is over $13 million — or over 450 times its workers’ median pay, according to the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

By contrast, per the Economic Policy Institute42 percent of Home Depot workers earn less than $15 an hour or $31,000 per year for a full time worker. Most of its workers — 68 percent — make between $12 and $18 an hour, close to or below the city’s $17.87 living wage for a single worker with no kids, as calculated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s living wage calculator.

The union filed a response. company says that it opposes unionization and has “a track record of working successfully with our associates to resolve concerns,” according to Bloomberg.

Quiles said that he had begun quietly organizing the store over the summer, hoping to avoid being noticed because the company “has a history of union busting.”

According to workers who joined the Teamsters in 2019, Home Depot “brought in union busters” to crush the union campaign, likely meaning that the company Union-busting lawyers were hiredMany anti-union companies have reacted to the union effort. Außerdem a TikTokLast year supposedly showsThis training video was made for the company and contains anti-union messages.

It’s unclear if this is an independent union, the same way Amazon Labor Union (ALU) has no affiliation with major labor unions, or if it is backed by an established union; however, Quiles says that the organizers are inspired by ALU’s effort and are “hoping to maybe do the same thing.”