Peter Doocy’s Wife Is A Familiar Face For Fox Watchers

FOX correspondent Peter DoocyFans of the network recognize him as a familiar face, reporting live from Washington on current events. We know his political opinions, but what do you know about his wife, Hillary Vaughn. 

Hillary Vaughn is an experienced reporter

Reporting is a family enterprise for Vaughn & Doocy. Vaughn is also a journalist and works as a FOX Business Network correspondent. Vaughn also worked for FOX news In the Junior Reporter Program, Yahoo Finance, FOX 32, FOX 13 and Tampa, FOX 2 and Detroit, FOX 2 and FOX 5 in Washington D.C. 

In a small ceremony held in South Carolina, the couple tied the knot in 2021. It’s unclear how long the two had been dating prior to their marriage, but a 2017 post to Doocy’s Instagram features Vaughn in a group shot. 

The couple posts only a few wedding photos and some photos from a recent ski vacation. They keep their private life private on Instagram. “Life with you takes the cake!” Vaughn captioned a post of the two cutting their wedding cake. 

FOX Is A Family Affair

Doocy’s father Steve, who is also a FOX correspondent, posted wedding photos as well. “PETER DOOCY GOT MARRIED!” he captioned a picture of the couple leaving the church. “Welcome To the Doocy family Hillary Vaughn we are so happy for both of you. For any parent who proudly watches their kid’s wedding, you know exactly how Kathy and I feel. Please join the Doocys and congratulate @pdoocy and @hillary__vaughn as their adventure begins!”

Steve shared more details about the wedding when he announced his son’s marriage on FOX & FriendsAccording to her, only 18 people were present at the wedding. Doocy & Vaughn originally planned to marry in January 2021, but were forced to postpone the ceremony due to coronavirus concerns. 

Steve isn’t the only family member Doocy has at FOX. Younger sister Sally is also employed by the network, but you won’t see her on your TV screen. Sally has been working for FOX as a sales planner since 2015. With Doocy, his wife, his sister, and his father all working at FOX, it’s clear that working for the network has become a family affair.

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