“Parliament is the instrument of our democracy” says the King

King Charles III said Parliament was the “living and breathing instrument of our democracy” as he spoke in front of 900 MPs and peers.

During the speech which took place at Westminster Hall, he said he would follow the late Queen’s “selfless duty” during his first address to both Houses as the King.

The King’s speech followed condolences from speakers of the House of Commons and Lords.

Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle, said “as deep as our grief is, we know yours is deeper”.


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“We know you hold the greatest respect, the precious traditions, the freedoms, and responsibilities of our unique history and our system of parliamentary government.

“We know that you will bear those responsibilities which fall to you with the fortitude, dignity, demonstrated by Her late Majesty.”

He added that the “constitutional monarchy was a symbol of stability in this ever changing world”.


King Charles III responded to these comments saying:


“While very young, Her Late Majesty pledged herself to serve her country and her people and to maintain the precious principles of constitutional government which lie at the heart of our nation. This vow she kept with unsurpassed dedication.

“She set an example of selfless duty which, with God’s help and your counsels, I am resolved faithfully to follow.”

He praised the MP’s and peers for their devotion to politics and noted the “vital parliamentary traditions to which members of both houses dedicate yourselves with such commitment to the betterment of us all”.