Pair of dogs pull off amazing teamwork to save owner who collapsed on a mountain trail

Dogs are truly the best, and here’s another story that will remind us why.

A pair of dogs in England used their smarts and keen senses to save their dad’s life.

Last month, a 71-year-old man was out on his own walking his Golden retriever and black Labrador on Braithwaite How, a mountain summit in England’s northwest Lake District. The elevation at the location is 564 feet.

A labrador and golden retriever who saved their owner's life when he collapsed while hiking

After passing another walker, the man had an epileptic fit and collapsed. The dogs, who were attuned and sensitive to the needs of their human, joined forces to seek help.

The Labrador, a black Labrador, ran down the trail following the woman it had just passed. She barked to get her attention. The dog motioned for her to follow the walker down the trail, which she did.

The woman found the Golden Retriever lying next to the unconscious man and quickly dialed 999 for assistance.

The dispatcher called Keswick Mountain Rescue Team. This sent out a vehicle along with 12 members. The man was conscious again by the time they arrived at his location.

After being assessed by a team medical professional, he felt able to walk down the hill towards an ambulance. The man was then taken into the hospital for further examinations.

A part of the Braithwaite How mountain summit

The man is alive and safe, thanks to his dogs’ brilliant rescue plan. If it weren’t for them, worse things could have happened.

“Many thanks to the passing walker and the amazing dogs,” the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team wrote on Instagram.

Labradors are known to be gentle and intelligent, while Golden retrievers are well-known for being friendly and reliable working dogs. The Labrador was smart and knew where to look, while the Golden retriever kept watch and guarded the man. They displayed incredible teamwork!

Another story proving that dogs are a man’s best friend and protector is this one from 2018.

Amelia Millling and Nanook in Crow Pass Trail in Alaska

Amelia Milling was on the Crow Pass Trail in Alaska, when she fell 700 feet down the side a white mountain. Her leg was severely injured when she fell on a large boulder.

She was checking on her injuries when she noticed a white man approaching her. Amelia panicked, thinking that it was a wolf. But it turned out to have been a husky.

She reached out for the dog’s tag and found that his name was Nanook. Amelia was reassured that he was a friend when he wags his tail and barks. The dog followed Amelia up the hiking trail, and stayed with her for the remainder of the day. He even snuggled with her at night to keep her warm.

Amelia prepared to continue her journey the following day, but her injured leg wasn’t getting any better. She walked on a frozen river and thought it would be safe.

It was too strong for the injured hiker and she was pulled under by the water. Nanook was able pull her back to safety and grab her.

A husky on a snow-filled mountain in Alaska

Amelia knew she couldn’t continue hiking, so she called for help. Nanook stayed with Amelia until the Alaska State Troopers arrived.

When she got back home, Amelia discovered she wasn’t the first person Nanook had saved. The dog and his owner reside near Crow Pass Trail. It seems that the free-spirited pup has saved many hikers as he trekked the trails of the white mountain.

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Without dogs, our lives would be much more lonely and difficult. These creatures can be our greatest protectors and unconditional love.

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