New Book Makes Shocking Allegations About What Caused Barbara Bush’s Heart Problems

It is shocking to learn that Barbara Bush blamed Donald Trump for her heart problems because she didn’t like him enough.

In 2016, the former first lady had a heart attack. It was caused by a long battle against congestive heart disease and chronic pulmonary diseases. However, she reportedly blamed it on the 2016 election cycle and how now President Trump attacked her son, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who ran against Trump, reported NBC.

Susan Page, a biographer on the Bush family’s matriarch, provided the following information. She claims that she was told by the former FLOTUS that the “angst” caused by those political attacks contributed towards the heart episode.

Bush also stated to Page that she no longer considers herself a Republican. In October 2017, she broke the shocking news.

She said, “I’d probably tell no today,” in an October 2017 interview with USA Today’s Susan Page about whether she was still a Republican.

The book, “The Matriarch,” described Barbara Bush’s decades-long dislike of Trump. Bush was disgusted at Trump before he became a politician.

Page was able to access her 1990s diary entries, which she described as “greedy and selfish” in the 1990s. In 2016, she was “dismayed” by the nation’s divisions, as well as the direction of the party for which she had worked for so many years.

Page asked her: “I don’t understand why people support Trump.” She was also “astonished” that Trump would be voted for by women.

She did not approve of Jeb Bush, her son, running for President, because she feared Trump would win. She voted for her husband in the 2016 general elections. Her husband voted for Hillary Clinton during that election.

After Trump’s victory, the 41st President called Trump to wish him well. Barbara Bush wrote in her diary, that Trump “was very kind” during that conversation.

Melania Trump received a kind letter from Mrs. Bush. She welcomed her into the ranks of First Ladies.

“Dear Mrs. Trump. The world thought I was writing this letter to Bill Clinton. I am glad that I’m not. “I wanted to invite you to the First Ladies exclusive club,” she wrote. “My children were older so I didn’t have the same problems as you. It is up to you to decide what you do. Living in the White House can be a joy. Their only job is to make sure you are happy. It’s fine if you decide to stay in NYC. Bring a friend with you to the White House. This is my unasked advice. God Bless you.

Bush spoke out in 2017 about how she felt after Trump’s election. Page asked her if she tried to ignore this fact.

Barbara Bush said to Page in 2017 that she was trying to forget about it, just before Trump’s first anniversary. “We’re a strong country, and I think it will all work out.”