New Amsterdam’s Ryan Eggold Hints at Sharpwin Wedding, Baby

Happily ever after. New Amsterdam’s Ryan Eggold thinks big things are ahead for his character Dr. Max Goodwin — including possible baby bliss with girlfriend Dr. Helen Sharpe.

“[Being a mom] has always been important to her character,” Eggold, 37, exclusively told Us WeeklyWhile promoting the PETA campaign he was also promoting it on Tuesday 26 April. “It’s certainly important to Max, in terms of having this sweet little girl, Luna. It’s very important to him to find a mom for his daughter, and a partner for [himself]. But, I believe Luna needs a female role model and caregiver. He wants to be a family, so that’s potentially in their cards.”

Max and Helen (Freema Agyeman) finally got together on New AmsterdamTheir romance has continued to flourish despite three seasons of poor timing. The 90210 alum told Use that he credits “trust” for their solid relationship.

Ryan Eggold.
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“I think they trust each other. I think they just know that the other person has their back no matter what,” he explained. “And I think that they’ve sort of had intimacy before they were romantic. They became close colleagues after Max got married, and I believe they grew closer when Max lost his wife.

Eggold also credited Helen’s role as Max’s doctor during his cancer battle as a reason for the couple’s success.

“She was his caregiver, his doctor, when he was dealing with cancer,” the Fathers and Daughters alum explained. “And so, I think they’ve been through a lot together and grown really close before they were ever romantic. Now, I think they have added that element. [there’s] just a close level of trust and intimacy there.”

The former Blacklist actor promised that a proposal between the lovebirds is “coming pretty soon,” he also told Us that Dr. Sharpe will be faced with something “new” that could change the nature of the couple’s dynamic.

“There’s a big change coming for Helen that affects their relationship,” he revealed.  It’s a challenge that I won’t spoil, but I think it’s a surprise that’s coming that they have to navigate. It’s something really new to deal with.”

Wedding and a Baby? New Amsterdam’s Ryan Eggold Hints at Big Things to Come for His Character

Ryan Eggold plays Dr. Max Goodwin, and Freema Agyeman plays Dr. Helen Sharpe.
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The California native couldn’t reveal too many details but promised New Amsterdam would be providing “some answers, some explanations and the beginning of a really new, exciting storyline” for the couple.

 “And something else extraordinary because [it’s] New Amsterdam, so we have to do 10 things at once,” he teased about the pair’s future.

Outside the show, Eggold is focused on the love of his own life — his dog Jody. The director said UseAfter rescuing his dog, he decided that PETA was the right partner for him. He and his dog became best buddies.

“I love dogs so much. I love animals so much. Jody is — no offense to anyone else’s dog — the greatest rescue dog in the world,” he gushed. “I just wanted to share how much, she’s meant to me and how much I think a rescue dog or cat can mean to anyone, and to a family, to a home.”

Pet ownership is a matter of personal choice. Lovesong star had a simple ask: adopt, don’t shop.

“There’s so many amazing dogs and cats [out there],” he explained. “I think it’s important to remember to rescue these pups and to adopt, not to shop for perfect dog or something, [because it] doesn’t exist.”

New Amsterdam season 4 airs on NBC Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET. The fifth and final season will air in the fall.

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