Naomie Olindo Is Dating Again

Continue on. Southern Charm’s Craig ConoverEx-girlfriend revealed Naomie Olindo’s relationship status following her season 8 hookup with Whitney Sudler Smith.

“She’s been dating someone for six months,” the 33-year-old reality star exclusively told Us WeeklyOn Wednesday, October 12, while promoting the second season of Winter House. “She has her own life and I have mine.”

The Sewing Down South founder — who dated the 30-year-old businesswoman for three years before splitting in 2017 — confessed that he and Naomie have continued to distance themselves since getting into their own respective romances.

“If you ever saw us film again, it just wouldn’t be accurate,” Craig told UseThe Charleston-based series aired season 8 and the exes fought every day. “You know, we’re not in each other’s lives.”

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He continued: “There’s a way to coexist in Charleston, but yeah, this year just got a little out of hand.”

The Delaware native, who has been in a relationship since childhood. Winter HouseCostar Paige DeSorboSince 2021, previously turned head on Southern Charm when he freaked out over Naomie’s brief romance with Whitney, 54.

During the August 18 episode of the Bravo series, Naomie revealed that she and Whitney had a “fun” hookup up after the group’s dog wedding. Craig, a close friend of the actress, was there. Southern Charm producer, found out he didn’t take the news well.

“Naomie can do whatever she wants. It’s shady of Whitney,” the Pillow TalkThe author said it to the cameras at the moment. “The bro code rules are complicated at times, I understand that, but it’s still, you know, my ex-girlfriend. Like, what the f—k?”

Craig spoke exclusively that month. Use that Naomie and Whitney’s fling “wasn’t a short-lived thing.”

While the L’Abeye founder appeared to be close and cozy with Whitney during the show’s finale, which aired last month, things have since fizzled out.

Craig’s feelings about Naomie’s involvement in his day-to-day life, however, hasn’t changed.

The “Pillows and Beer” podcast cohost told Use on Wednesday that he is still “working” on his “delivery” after blowing up at Naomie on multiple occasions. That doesn’t mean, however, that he regrets the things he said to his ex on Southern Charm about staying out of his and Paige’s romance.

“Most of the time my message isn’t that far off. It’s just [that] I get frustrated sometimes filming when I think things are happening that shouldn’t be,” he explained. “And I gotta figure out how to deal with that. That’s on me.”

Despite their drama on screen, Craig concluded that there isn’t “anything unresolved” between him and the France native. “We live very separate lives now and, you know, we can cordially coexist, but no, you won’t see us hanging out,” he added.

Season 2 Winter HouseBravo Premieres Thursday, October 13, 2009 at 9:59 p.m. ET.

Christina Garibaldi reporting