Nadine Dorries heckled after claiming Johnson was ousted by ‘coup’

Culture secretary Nadine Dorries has argued that Boris Johnson was “removed via a coup”.

Dorries, a supporter of Liz Truss bid for the party leadership, was quizzed by Sky News this morning over whether she blamed former chancellor Rishi Sunak for Johnson’s downfall.

“It is not a secret that things happened that shouldn’t have happened and that Boris Johnson was removed via a coup…” she responded.

However Dorries said she is confident that the foreign secretary is able to “pick up the baton” from Johnson and lead with  “integrity and loyalty”. 


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 Asked how she felt when Johnson announced his intention to resign, she explained: “I was very disappointed. I thought it was a huge mistake but what I would say is that in Liz Truss we have somebody who has both integrity and loyalty and is able to pick up the baton using those very important qualities to take the country forward.”

The live interview, which was filmed in front of the Commonwealth Games scheduled to kick off today in Birmingham, was cut short by a man who could be heard heckling.

Dorries called for security, while the man spoke aggressively toward a Sky News camera operator.

The man could be heard shouting: “If anyone touches me, I’m calling the police.”

Dorries could then be seen saying that “the cameraman did not touch him,” and asking the cameraman if he was OK.

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