Most Americans Want Congress to Pass a Bill to Protect Abortion Rights

Not only do Americans want the Supreme Court uphold their rights, but so do many other Americans. Roe v. WadeThey want Congress to pass an federal law to ensure that abortion will be legalized, according to new polling.

The CBS News/YouGovPoll of 2,088 adult U.S residents found that 58% of respondents want Congress pass a bill legalizing abortion nationwide. This is in contrast to 42 percent who would be against such a bill. Eighty-seven% of Democrats polled were in support of the legislation.

The findings also corroborate previous polling revealing that most Americans don’t want The Supreme Court to Overturn RoeIt appears that it will, as it seems poised to do after the leak of a draft opinion last Wednesday. Sixty four percent of respondents to the survey CBSAccording to a poll by /YouGov, most people prefer keeping their homes. RoeIncluding 90 percent of Democrats.

Respondents also generally understoodThat is, if RoeIt has been rescinded. people of colorAnd the poor would have a harder time having access to abortions, while wealthy people’s access would largely remain unchanged. Trans people, who are already facing barriers to accessing health care, would be able to have abortions. also have a harder timeIf you are interested in having an abortion, you can access them. RoeProtections were lost.

Many Democrats in Congress are working on enshrining abortion rights into law, but there’s little chance that they’ll succeed. After The Supreme Court upheld Texas’s abortion law, which effectively banned the vast majority of abortions, the House of Representatives passed a bill largely along party lines to allow health providers to provide abortions “prior to fetal viability” or if the pregnancy would pose a risk to the pregnant person’s health. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas)The only Democrat to vote against the bill was him.

Passing the Senate will be a hurdle for Democrats — one that is likely impassable. Last week, about 30 Democrats gatheredThey gathered on the steps of Capitol to voice their support for abortion access. A bill on abortion rights will not pass the filibuster threshold which requires 60 votes. Republicans in favor ofNationally, imposing even more severe abortion restrictions

Furthermore, even if Democrats were to eliminate the filibuster, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, would still be able to do this. Is a staunch opponent of abortion rights, meaning that the party wouldn’t have enough internal support for the cause.

Some abortion rights advocates Make sure to mention that this last-minute scramble to enshrine abortion rights into law is a display of the Democratic Party’s weakness, as Democrats have had decades to pass legislation to guarantee abortion rights but have failed to do so.

In fact, even though the public is In a commotionNancy Pelosi, House Speaker (D-California), spoke out about the attack on abortion rights. other top Democrats have remained quietAbout her endorsement of Cuellar (the only anti-abortion Democrat on the House). The Texas representative faces a primary battle from Jessica Cisneros in his home state. progressive pro-abortion candidate who’s been endorsed by high-profile lawmakers on the left like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York).

“Time and time again, we have seen Democrats use abortion rights as a campaign issue and fail to deliver on their promises to protect and expand our right to reproductive freedom,” Analilia Mejia, co-executive director or the Center for Popular Democracy, told NPR. “We deserve leadership that represents the vast majority of Americans who believe abortion should be accessible and affordable to all who require this critical health care.”

Abortion rights advocates are also calling for President Joe Biden’s hard line on the issue. Biden broke his silence last week on abortion rights. opposeThe Supreme Court draft opinion has declined to sayWhich cause he supports elimination of the filibuster.