Mordaunt backs Truss for the Conservative leadership

Penny Mordaunt was the candidate that placed third among Conservative MPs last month and has now endorsed Liz Truss as the successor to Boris Johnson.

Speaking tonight at the latest Conservative Party hustings event in Exeter, Ms Mordaunt described the Foreign Secretary as the ‘hope candidate’ in the contest.

Continuing Mordaunt said of Truss, ‘Her graft, her authenticity, her determination, her ambition for this country, her consistency and sense of duty – she knows what she believes in, and her resolve to stand up against tyranny and fight for freedom.

‘That’s what our country stands for and that’s why I know with her we can win”.


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Ms Mordaunt’s endorsement will come as a further blow to the former Chancellor Rishi Sunak who is now widely seen as a firm outsider in the contest.

While Mr Sunak received support from William Hague, the former Conservative leader, William Hague was there to support him today. However, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi came out in support of Ms Truss.

The new found harmony among Ms Truss & Ms Morduant contrasts with previous stages in the current Conservative leadership election.   At one point supporters of Ms Truss were forced to deny they were involved in so called ‘black operations’ against the Mordaunt campaign.

Ms Mourdaunt (Minister of State for Trade Policy) narrowly lost to Ms Truss late last month in her attempt to win enough support from Conservative MPs for her to make it to the final list for the current Conservative leadership position.