Megyn Kelly’s Son Thatcher Injures Spleen in Skiing Accident

The mend. Megyn Kelly’s 8-year-old son, Thatcher, recently injured his spleen during a family ski trip.

The journalist, 51, confirmed on the Monday, March 28, episode of her “Megyn Kelly Show” podcast that the little one is now “OK” before describing his accident in detail.

Megyn and Thatcher
Courtesy Megyn Kelly/Instagram

“He’s a good skier,” the Illinois native began. “He’s been skiing since he was really little. He was skiing an advanced run, and he did it perfectly. But he was inspired to ski the run by the cave-like structure. [and went] to check it out.”

Thatcher “hike[d] up … to take a break,” the former Today show cohost noted, saying, “He didn’t have his skis on. He had on his ski boots. Again, he’s only 8. It was the end of the day, and he was tired, and apparently he didn’t have the strength to make the climb that’s necessary to get into this little cave, and he fell.”

Kelly’s youngest child later told her that he fell 10 feet “and landed on some rocks.” A CT scan at the hospital showed internal bleeding and three tears in Thatcher’s spleen.

“As a parent, what do you do?” the attorney, who also shares Edward, 12, and Yardley, 10, with husband Douglas Brunt, he continued to say. “What do you do? Because the bleeding isn’t stopping. We don’t want him to lose the spleen. If there’s any way of repairing it, we’d like to do that, but it’s not safe to move him. … As the news kept coming in that the bleeding was ongoing, and I’m talking to Doug, and we’re trying to figure out what to do, there’s not a clear course. There’s not a clear, right course.”

While the little one’s heart rate and pulse “was rising” on day three in the ICU, he eventually “took a turn for the better.”

The Syracuse University grad explained, “We managed to make it through the five days. The child stayed in bed for five nights. … I’m feeling it now. The love and stress you feel for your children, as well as the fragility of their little bodies which completely depend on you. And the immense responsibility you have for their wellbeing, and for making large decisions. And the importance of family and friends and good colleagues.”

TheFind More author praised the support she received from her husband, 50, noting that “it must be so hard” to be a single parent.

In October 2018, the only political commentator told exclusively Us WeeklyHer children often turn to their dad for comfort, rather than her.

“I’m mad when a child comes into the room in the middle of the night, and they go to [his]side of the bed, and not mine. I’m holding it against [him],” Kelly joked at the time. “But I can express that to him, and he can hear it, and then we can have a talk about it.”

After getting engaged in January 2008, the couple married in New York in March 2008.

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