Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Allegedly Can’t Make Friends In California After Ending Their Royal Friendships, Gossip Says

Are You Meghan Markle Prince HarryLos Angeles is friendless Rumours abound that the two are desperately trying to make friends after so many years of distancing. Here’s what Gossip Cop has said about the friend’s list of Markle and Harry.

‘Struggling For Star Power’

Per Woman’s DayHarry and Markle are desperate to create content for Netflix or Spotify. They have no friends. In an attempt to find content, the two have turned to Zendaya and Tom Holland. A source explained, “Harry and Meghan are struggling to find the right mix of celebrity and genuine friends…so they’re having to widen the net and approach new people.”

The title of this story said Markle and Harry were “struggling to make friends,” but the story was all about content creation. This was deliberately misleading. Collaboration is part of content creation. Zendaya Holland and Zendaya are in high demand. This story condensed shrewd business for desperation. Gossip CopThis is the real story.

‘Neighbors From Hell’

According to The Globe, Harry and Markle’s neighbors were selling their mansions to get away. Rich neighbors like Rob Lowe, Peter Sperling, and Rob Lowe have sold their mansions since Markle & Harry moved in. “You’d think property values would skyrocket when royalty moves in, with people eager to buy in and brag they’re living next to a duke and duchess,” an insider said, “but the opposite seems true.” Even the super-rich were anxious to get out of dodge now that the Sussexes were in town.

This tabloid kept track every real estate sale within a certain radius of Markle and Harry. Houses can take years to sell and it’s a seller’s market right now. These sales had nothing to do Harry or Markle. While the two are super famous, they’re not influencing the housing market famous.

Sussexes abandon her Cousins

According to Harry and Markle were, Woman’s DayBeatrice and Eugenie were both frozen to death. An insider said, “Harry and Eugenie have always been thick as thieves, and he was close with Beatrice growing up as well…they always had a great time together, well into adulthood — until the past few weeks.” Once Prince Andrew was served with a sex-trafficking lawsuit, Markle decided to abandon the princesses. A source said, “ever since Andrew’s spectacular fall from grace, though, the Sussexes aren’t picking up Eugenie’s calls, and their texts to the Yorks are devoid of their usual warmth.”

This story did not have any supporting evidence. Eugenie was the first to introduce Markle and Harry one another. He’s a very close friend, and there’s no sign that things have soured since the move stateside.

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