Matthew Perry Shutting Friends Out Despite Fears Over Rough Recent Appearance?

It is Friendsstar Matthew Perry “living like a recluse”? According to one tabloid, Perry’s life is falling apart, and he’s refusing to accept help from former co-workers like Jennifer AnistonAnd Courteney Cox. Gossip Cop has all the details to help uncover what’s really going on with Perry. 

Is Matthew Perry Looking ‘Disheveled’ And ‘Out-Of-It’?

According to a recent report from Star, Matthew Perry is slowly unraveling, and it’s causing his close friends to grow more and more concerned. After the FriendsThe tabloid revealed that all co-stars (Jennifer Aniston. CourteneyCox. Lisa Kudrow. Matt LeBlanc. and David Schwimmer) had made a vow to see each other more often. Perry allegedly refused to help Perry. 

“Everyone in the cast has reached out about getting together,” one insider says. Apparently, “Matthew just blows them off.” The magazine speculates Perry’s split from Molly Hurwitz is still fresh in his mind. “He’s in a world of pain and bitter too,” the same source continues. However, Perry is supposedly trying to convince his family and friends that he’s okay and can deal with things by himself. “He’s saying he can handle this and not to worry, but he clearly isn’t handling it — and they do worry,” the insider concludes. 

Matthew Perry is it? It’s trueAre You Falling Off The Deep End Of Your Life?

The main piece StarUses to convince readers Matthew Perry’s spiraling is a recent photo of him getting coffee early Sunday morning. Does the actor look his best? No, but who does when they’re grabbing a cup of coffee? The pictures were released immediately after they were taken. New York Post, Perry’s fans quickly defended him. 

“I don’t understand. Is he hurting somebody? Seems like he’s just existing. He’s allowed to do that,” one fan noted. So there’s no real evidence that Matthew Perry’s friends should be concerned for him simply based on this one series of photos taken by the paparazzi (who frequently catch celebrities on their worst days).

Other Tales Of ‘Exhausted’ Celebrities

It seems. Star enjoys finding not-so-flattering photos of celebrities to spin them into a completely different narrative. For example, the outlet once reported Ryan Seacrest looked “haggard” because of his insanely busy schedule. 

Apparently, the outlet thought that Seacrest became comfortable with his pandemic lifestyle and wouldn’t return to Live with Kelly & Ryan. This story didn’t make much sense and didn’t contain a single piece of truth in it, as Gossip CopAs noted previously.