Mario Lopez Endorses Chick-Fil-A, Faces Major Backlash From All Sides

Mario LopezChick-fil A is putting her in hot water. Because of its Christian roots, the fast-food chain is divisive. One common meme is to make people feel bad about their political counterparts.

Closed Sundays

Chick-fil-A has always been closed Sundays since its 1946 founding. The chain’s founder S. Truett Cathy was religiously conservative, and so he chose to honor the fourth commandment and keep the Sabbath holy. This decision, which is rooted in dogma and has proved to be a marketing tool for the company. It helped the chicken restaurant to foster loyalty among conservative customers.

The unapologetically conservativeThe founder’s beliefs have landed the company in serious trouble with supporters of LGBTQ+ rights. There’s a whole Wikipedia page devoted to the company’s controversial history. The company was a silent financial supporter of many anti-LGBTQ+ organizations for years. This support ended in 2020. The restaurant has won zero fans in that community, and it’s still publicly viewed by many as an enemy of it.

Mario Lopez Chimes In

For liberals, Chick-fil-A presents a unique problem. Despite all its controversy, Chickfil-A has a solid reputation for excellent customer service and delicious food. Many LGBTQ+ supporters still patronize the restaurant. The hypocrisy is rife with memes.

Mario Lopez probably didn’t intend to cause controversy when he went on Instagram this week. He posted a picture of text asking Chick-fil A to hire atheists in order for the restaurant to stay open on Sunday.

He captioned the photo with the hashtag “ChickFilAHeathensWhereYouAt.” The post earned him nearly 46,000 likes, and it caused a bit of a stir.

Some happy, some sad

There are many reactions in the comments section. One post disagrees, “Nawww.. most successful business because they got their priories right!” Another endorses this same line of thinking, “No… it’s nice that a company respects Sunday.” A third commenter says, “it so good to find a company that respects God and pays honor to faith over money.”

That last point isn’t exactly true. The company sees an increase of profits over their competition throughout the week. because they’re closed on Sundays. It’s a marketing tool at this point, and clearly an effective one.

The Other Side is Angry Too

Other commenters took umbrage because of the company’s homophobic history. “Chick-fil-A needs to stop being the largest donor to Anti-LGBTQ organizations.” Another comment takes Lopez to task: “How do you still support Chick-Fil-A with their anti LBTQIA+ support and trans laws. Make that s*** at home. All this money and no education of progression in society, what world do we want our kids to live in?”

That last point isn’t exactly true either. Although Chick-fil A stopped funding these groups many years ago, the stigma is still present. Some entrepreneurs, who are not affiliated with Chik-Fil A, have their own businesses. get chicken on SundaysThe price is $6.66 Chick-Fil A is a political litmus-test, and Lopez has begun the conversation.