Manchin, Kelly Join GOP to Pass Motion Against Biden Declaring Climate Emergency

Sens. Sens. Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Mark Kelly from Arizona crossed the aisle Wednesday to support Republicans in passing a motion that would prevent President Joe Biden’s declaration of a climate emergency. This is a step green groups have opposed. pressuringHe has been taking since his first day at the office.

The non-binding motion, sponsored and approved by Sen. Shelley Capito, R-W.Va., was voted in favor by 49-47, states that Biden “cannot use climate change as the basis to declare a national emergency.” House and Senate lawmakers will consider the motion as part of their efforts to finalize legislation packed with subsidiesTo profitable microchip companies

It’s unclear whether lawmakers will ultimately include the climate emergency language in the final bill, but environmentalists voiced outrage at the motion’s passage as Manchin and Republicans continue to obstructCongress must act immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boost renewable energy production.

A separate motion instructing lawmakers to reject provisions that “prohibit development of an all-of-the-above energy portfolio” — which would include oil and gas production — also sailed through Wednesday by voice vote.

“Our political leadership is out to kill most of us,” Basav Sen, director of the Climate Justice Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, saidas a result of the vote. “Every branch of [the federal government] (executive, Congress, courts) is rotten to the core.”

“Manchin shouldn’t be voting on climate/energy issues, based on his glaring and obvious conflict of interest,” Sen added, alluding to the West Virginia Democrat’s stake in his family’s coal empire. “If we had a civilized system of government, he would be investigated for corruption, not heading the Senate energy committee.”

Kai Newkirk, an Arizona-based progressive activist, focused his ireKelly was a NASA astronaut prior to entering politics.

“An astronaut who’s seen the planet from outer space voting to remove one of the only tools we have to confront the climate crisis that isn’t blocked by the filibuster and Manchin’s corruption?” Newkirk wrote on Twitter. “This is an outrageous betrayal, Sen. Kelly. Shame on you.”

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), noted this in a February report. reportA climate emergency declaration would allow Biden to take several steps to address the planet crisis without the approval of Congress. This includes stopping crude oil exports immediately and increasing green energy manufacturing.

“Congress enacted emergency powers to allow the executive branch greater flexibility to respond to extraordinary events,” the report states. “The climate emergency is the pinnacle of extraordinary events faced in our lifetimes. Biden should lawfully use emergency powers to address this existential threat.”