Man with dementia gets confused when daughter calls her ‘dad’ so she loving explains their relationship

It can be difficult to live with someone with dementia. A lifetime of memories starts to fade. The person with the illness can also find it stressful. Bailey, Scott’s daughter, is his caregiver and tries to ease Scotts anxiety as best as she can.

Bailey uses her Tiktok account as a way to show how her father and she deal with the effects of dementia.

These videos help not only to maintain a relationship between them but also help others deal their own difficult situations.


In one viral Tiktok video, Bailey beautifully explains her relationship with Scott, who no longer recalls that he is Bailey’s father. It is a poignant reminder of the inevitable consequences of dementia in families, but it also serves as a wonderful way to manage difficult conversations.

In the video, captioned “Some days are more difficult than others. Scott, I miss you dad. But, I love you very deeply.,” father and daughter discuss Scott’s problem with being called “Dad.”

He does recall, however, that Bailey is special to him and that they share a special bond. He may not be able to explain why or how it happened, but he knows he has feelings about the woman who takes his care.

Father and daughter have fun doing various Tiktok challenges.

Bailey explained to Scott, “In my mind and in my heart, you’re my dad, and you will always be my dad.”

Bailey suggests to Bailey that he call him Scott, despite his discomfort at being called Dad. He feels more at ease by this. “You are my love too,” her dad says. “We’re family.”

Bailey and her sister Paige have become Scott’s primary caregivers. Scott suffers from Wernicke’s encephalopathy, which is caused by alcoholism.

Bailey celebrates Scott’s Father’s Day on Tiktok.

Bailey uses Tiktok to document her family’s journey with Scott through dementia, which has been a great help to others with similar challenges.

Bailey shares in one video that Scott forgets Bailey on many occasions. Bailey shows her father pictures of her family to help him remember.

After realizing this, Scott is concerned if he hurt Bailey’s feelings. She responds, however, “No you haven’t hurt my feelings. I’m just trying to give you some clarity.”

Father and daughter have fun doing Tiktok videos together.

After Scott had an accident, Bailey and Paige became their dad’s full-time caregiver in February. Bailey welcomed him into her home and opened a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of her dad’s care.

His father’s bills have become extremely high, particularly since Scott was diagnosed with dementia and other medical conditions that have made him permanently disabled. Bailey and her sister will be providing 24/7 care for Scott.

His apartment and everything in it were also destroyed, which he won’t be able to recover as Scott had no insurance.

“I love my dad, with his brain damage he will no longer be able to work. His short-term memory is dwindling, and I want him to be comfortable for the rest of his life,” Bailey said as she asked for contributions to her dad’s fundraiser.

Bailey and Scott have a fun day out.

Bailey and Scott’s videos on TikTok has been generating plenty of feedback. She has since developed a tight knit online support group thanks to the advice she receives on TikTok.

On Reddit, Joshua Frazier commented, “Man this is heartbreaking to watch. I’ve worked with patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s and it is very difficult work. I can’t imagine what the family is going through, but it’s clear to me that Scott is engulfed in love. What a beautiful video.”

Bailey even created a video explaining to Scott who Tiktok works.

Another user stated, “What a wonderful person. He doesn’t even know his identity, but he has compassion. Making sure that he’s not hurting her feelings, saying that she’s important to him.”

Although Scott and Bailey are going through a difficult time, the love and understanding they share makes it less painful. As Bailey emphasized in the video, it doesn’t really matter what else they have. 

See Bailey and Scott’s video below:

@baileyrosek There are days that are more difficult than others.. I miss you dad, but I love you very much Scott. #dementiaawareness #wernickesencephalopathy #caregiversoftiktok #parentofmyparents ♬ original sound – Bailey

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