Majority of Americans Approve of Search on Mar-a-Lago for Files Trump Took

A new poll shows that a majority of voters in the U.S. approve of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort last week, in which the agency was seeking documents improperly taken by the former president after his term expired.

A recent Economist/YouGov pollSurveys of Americans on the issue were conducted between August 13-16. after portions of the search warrantThe documents that were executed Monday night were not sealed. According to the survey, the vast majority of Americans have heard about the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation, with 50 percent saying they’ve heard a lot about it and 36 percent saying they’ve heard a little about the search of the Trump property. Just 14 percent said they haven’t heard anything about it.

When survey participants were asked how they felt about the search, most said they approved of the DOJ’s actions, with 54 percent saying so. Only 36% disapprove. Only 30% of those surveyed agreed that Trump had taken the records after he left office. 52 percent disapproved.

Reports that Trump had taken classified documents to increase negative feelings. Potentially illegal, related nuclear weapons Sources close to this investigation claim he did.

Among all survey respondents, 57% disapprove of Trump bringing nuclear weapons-related documents into his Mar-a-Lago home. Those who voted for Trump in the 2020 presidential election, however, were split on that question, with 35 percent saying they approved of him potentially taking such documents, and 36 percent saying they didn’t (19 percent were unsure how to feel about it).

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Perhaps Trump’s inability to recognize that such actions could be considered improper despite most voters condemning them, explains why his favorability rating was statistically and relatively unchanged compared to a previous Economist/YouGov poll conducted last week.

According to the latest poll, only 39 per cent of voters view Trump favorably, while 54 percent give him an unfavorable grade. Forty percent of voters viewed Trump favorably last week, while 56 percent gave him a negative grade.

Trump and his defenders have given myriad reasons as to why he should be allowed to keep classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, most of which are misleading or outright lies — including wrongly assertions that taking them from the White House automatically declassified them. The DOJ is investigating possible violations of this law, regardless of their classification. Espionage ActThe, which deals with the management of government records, whether classified or not, could be used to harm the national security interest of the United States.