Little league baseball player comforts distraught pitcher who hit him in the head

In today’s competitive world, sportsmanship still exists. At a time when zealous parents can make even children’s games extremely competitive, two Little League players showed that humanity should still reign in sports.

Little League players from opposing clubs displayed their outstanding character and demonstrated that kindness and compassion should still be the norm, despite tough competitions.


Two Little League World Series players had a heartwarming exchange following a difficult initial encounter.

Kaiden Shelton, Pearland, Texas Little League pitcher threw the pitch that struck Oklahoma National Little League batters Isaiah (Zay) Jarvison his right side.

Jarvis was thrown to the ground and landed on his head. In a slow-motion review of the Little League game, the impact was most likely extremely painful since it basically knocked off Jarvis’ helmet.

The pitcher's throw unfortunately hit the opposing player's head.

It was a frightening moment for both the players and their families. Even sports commentators said that they were frequently struck or struck by baseballs during their time as athletes, but not in the head.

Jarvis was able to play but Shelton was visibly shaken from hitting the batter. He was clearly upset at the thought of injuring a fellow hitter. Shelton looked so upset, Jarvis left first base to console the pitcher.

Isaiah the player hit by the baseball falls to the ground

Jarvis was concerned Jarvis might have suffered from a concussion when he was struck. Jarvis was then medically ruled out for any further game. He saw Shelton struggling to keep his cool and continued to play on the mound moments later.

Jarvis called for a time-out and approached Jarvis to support him. He told Shelton, “Hey, you’re doing just great.”

Shelton recalled the moment and said, “I thought he was really hurt, but when he started walking up to me… it looked like he was better, but I thought he was going to throw a punch or something like that.

Baseball umpire comforts injured player

He hugged me and it made me feel a lot better about myself at that moment.” He added that Jarvis told him to “‘just throw strikes and take deep breaths.’”

At their age, the two boys embodied caring and compassion – the pitcher was so troubled that he had caused undue harm, and the victim, knowing that it was all an accident, showed his willingness to set aside competition to provide comfort and reassurance.

Pitcher overwhelmed by emotion due to the unfortunate throw

Jarvis said, “I wanted to go up there because we’re pretty good friends… so I went up there and I gave him a hug. We’re all brothers… baseball, it’s just a game.”

People were impressed by the interaction, and praised the kindness of the Little League players. One view commented, “These boys are what you want for your children to be like.”

In an act of sportsmanship, Isaiah comforts Kaiden telling him he is okay.

Another added, “One willing to forgive and knows it wasn’t intentional and the other showing remorse and sorrow. It is a wonderful thing.!!”

You can see the emotion exchange here.

It was still a Little League game after all, and after regaining his composure, Shelton contributed to his team’s performance with two hits, two runs batted in and one run that he scored himself.

In the end, Pearland Little League won the six-inning match 9-4. This sent the Texas 12-and-under team as the Southwest’s representative to the Little League World Series.

This incredible moment shows that there are bigger things in sports. Although it started as a Little League Game, people will probably remember this moment as one of the most pure moments of camaraderie in sportsmanship and camaraderie that they have ever seen.