Lisa Nandy says she would tackle the housing crisis if Labour were in power

Shadow levelling up, housing and communities secretary Lisa Nandy says that if Labour were in power, she would make the housing crisis “her personal priority” and pledged to increase the amount of amount of social housing.

“Nothing is more important than a home”, Nandy added.

She also said it was important to spread focus across all areas of the UK, not just the large cities, saying that Labour will ” invest in the industrial and coastal towns across Britain” so young people are able to stay and get feasible jobs somewhere outside of London.

She added, “too many young people are forced to ‘get out to get on’, taking away our spending power that fuels our high streets”. She accused the government of purposely injecting money into the already lucrative cities of the UK that are “already plagued by soaring house prices, pollution and strain on public services”.

Nandy also said that within Labour’s first 100 days in power, they would end ‘fire and rehire’ and “raise wages for the lowest paid”.