Liberal Democrats cancel their autumn party conference

The Liberal Democrats have indicated that they will not continue with their party conference later in this month.

National mourning has been in effect for ten days following the tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II. A state funeral will take place on Monday 19th September.

The Lib Dem conference was to be held in Brighton between 17-17 AprilTh  and 20th September, clashing with both the state funeral and the period of national mourning.

It is now believed that the Lib Dems would hold an extended spring conference, possibly in York in March 2023.


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The party sent an email explaining why they had to cancel the event.

“As we mourn the loss of The Queen, we send our condolences to The King and the Royal Family. We have decided to cancel the Autumn Conference due to the date of the funeral, and the period of national mourning.

We look forward to welcoming members to our next conference.”

The TUC conference had been postponed. It was scheduled to start yesterday at 11ThSeptember, but will now rescheduled for later.

It is not clear if any other political events will be canceled or rescheduled at this time. The Labour party conference is believed to be continuing on the 25Th September.  The event is outside The official mourning period, with the royal family’s private royal mourning period ending on 26th September.

The Conservative party conference is set to begin on 2 October.  It is also believed to be continuing as usual.

Aside from being an opportunity for members to meet, discuss policy, and champion their agendas, the annual political conferences are also an important revenue source for the UK’s political parties.   The events usually sell sponsorship and exhibition space.

For the upcoming week, all business in parliament has been cancelled. It has been suggested that parliament might now reduce its conference recess to allow it to sit for an additional week in mid October.  However, this has not been confirmed.

After the period of mourning, Liz Truss will resume her ministerial reshuffle.  Although her new government was established at the Cabinet and Minister levels, Truss did not complete all appointments at the lower levels of government until last Thursday.