Leftist Democrats Masquerade in ‘Moderate’ Clothes

It happens every day.

While most Republicans proudly run for office as conservatives and then govern that way, Democrats typically conceal their liberal beliefs and pose as “moderates” and “centrists.”

Once elected, they swing to the left and startle voters who sign-up for compassion and stick with socialism.

“Moderate Joe Biden” found himself in the White House. Surprise! Surprise!

Americans are paying dearly for Biden’s bamboozling them in 2020. Inflation, violent crime, illegal aliens, transgenderism and neo-authoritarianismRun wild from sea to shining ocean.

Democrats are at it again: U.S. Senate incumbents running for reelection masquerade as moderates, often with the regime media trumpeting their “centrism.” If elected, they will abandon the “middle of the road” and ride the left shoulder on the Highway to Hell.

The American Conservative UnionOffers a reliable and quick test for alleged centrrism. ACU rates lawmakers’ key votes. Zero is the most liberal and 100 is the most conservative. Scores between 33-66 are in the middle of this ideological spectrum.

Also, FiveThirtyEight.comTracks how often legislators are consulted support Biden’s agenda—from 0% to 100%. They are more left-leaning if they vote for Biden than they are if they don’t.

These metrics confirm that the Democrat Senate incumbents facing reelection on Nov. 8 are MINOs. They are Moderates in Name Only.

—Michael Bennet of Colorado: Politico describes Bennet as “a quiet moderate.” Slate calls him “a relative centrist.” Nevertheless, Bennet’s ACU rating is a paltry 5.7, and he votes with Biden 98.1% of the time.

—Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada: The Las Vegas Sun paints her as “reasonable, moderate and eminently capable.” (ACU: 5.6/Biden: 92.7%)

—Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, per the so-called “Paper of Record,” is “working to burnish her centrist image without making political waves.” (6.7/96.4%)

—Mark Kelly of Arizona is “touting centrist policies and his efforts to reach across the aisle,” National Public Radio reports. (12.8/94.4%)

—Raphael Warnock of Georgia “has positioned himself as a traditional, center-left, Bidenish Democrat,” The Washington Post observes. (7.7/96.4%)

These senators are inoffensive. They are not like far-left extremists like Angela Davis or Bill Ayers. Jeremiah Wright. Their voting records show them as the Not Ready for the Rotary Club Players.

“Moderate” senators Bennet and Cortez Masto are left of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist from Vermont, who enjoys a higher ACU rating and lower rating for voting with Biden (6.2/92.6%).

These radical measures were approved by these five MINOs:

—The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, Biden’s baseline budget blowout, largely blamed for stimulating inflation rates unseen since Ronald Reagan cleaned up after Jimmy Carter.

—The ludicrously titled Inflation Reduction ActInfested with $737 billion in tax hikesGreen New Deal goodies valued at $437 billion

86,852 brand-new IRS agents.

—Exposing taxpayers who earn under $400,000 to auditsThese new IRS agents.

Stimulus checksFederal and state prisons. Cost: $1.9 billion.

CancellationSigned contracts constructionThe wall at its southern border.

As Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told me, these five Democrats joined every other Democrat to confirm Biden’s nominations of outspoken police-defunding advocates Kristen Clarke Vanita GuptaTo top Justice Department positions.

Voters should distrust and verify Democrat claims of “moderation.” Unlike stock prices, congressional vote records are an excellent predictor of future performance.

Genuinely moderate Democrats are in danger of disappearing. Formers senators such as Oklahoma’s David Boren, Louisiana’s John Breaux, and Georgia’s Sam Nunn might as well be on display at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History, between the mastodonThe stegosaurus.

Any voter who discovers a centrist Democrat on the ballot must contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It will immediately dispatch an endangered species protection team.

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