Lala Has ‘Grown a Lot’ From Randall Split

Randall Emmett and Lala Kent are Ariana Madix and Randall Emmett.
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It was a major improvement. After Ariana MadixAnd Lala KentTheir rift was addressed in season 9 Vanderpump RulesThe former bartender said that the pair are making progress.

“Lala and I are in a really great place right now and I hope it continues that way. I hope we get closer to each other and I hope that our friendship continues to grow,” Madix, 37, exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, June 29, while promoting her “Earth to Ariana” podcast.

After identifying the issues that were affecting their friendship, the costars were able reconcile their differences. “Sometimes one of us would say something that we would hear about through the grapevine, at least for me. And instead of just hitting each other up immediately to talk about it, it would fester and it creates a worse issue,” the Florida native explained. “Then when we see each other, tensions are really high. So I’m very excited for where our friendship is headed.”

Season 9 viewers saw Madix, 31, call Kent, for comments she made about their friendship before filming began. “[Ariana]A good underdog is a favorite. She loves anyone who’s drowning, which is great when you’re the one drowning because she’s definitely going to throw you the life vest. You know, with Ariana, it is what it is,” the Utah native said on the “#NoFilter with Zack Peter” podcast in March 2021, which upset Madix at the time. “It’s like, you know what, let’s not pretend. You don’t give a f—k about me. I don’t care about you — whatever. You know what? Unfollowed her on the ‘gram. Which, you know, for us, it’s like, pretty — that solidifies a lot, right? Yeah, I’m good on you.”

Later in the same year, the Fancy AF CocktailsThe author stated that her priority was always to be in a positive place with the people around her.

“Our friendship is — I think it’s a washing machine cycle of ups and downs. Like I said in Palm Springs, when I was like, ‘We’re going to have fun, no matter what.’ And we did. We are able to have fun together, but then there were things that were said that again made it worse,” Madix told UsOctober 2021. “I don’t want to not be friends. I don’t like having bad blood and animosity with people, so of course, like, I want things to be good.”

While reflecting on their restored bond, Madix also weighed in on Kent’s state of mind following her split from Randall Emmett. (The “Give Them Lala” podcast host and the director, 51, who share 15-month-old daughter Ocean, ended their relationship in October 2021.)

“Lala is the kind of person who will always land on her feet. She [also]She has a great support system. Her mom and her brother are really amazing and they’re there for her and Ocean,” Madix detailed. “I just think that she’s grown a lot from that situation. I believe that whoever succeeds them must be great. They should be solid. Better [be] no more of those shenanigans.”

Prior to reuniting with her costars onscreen for season 10, Madix is looking forward to her new podcast — which is all about forming meaningful connections.

“It’s been something that I’ve been working on for a long time. During the pandemic, I just had this desire to connect with people that I know personally, people that I’m a huge fan of that I don’t know personally and then people who might consider themselves a fan of me,” she explained to Us. “I’m fascinated by everyone. I don’t know why there’s this divide between me and [the fans]. It just shouldn’t be that way. I just fall in love with people when I meet them and so I want to talk to everyone.”

For Madix, the biggest priority is creating conversations that make everyone feel “safe and comfortable” together. “I’m a cancer so I do have this hard outer shell sometimes and I’m very soft inside and very sensitive,” she noted. “When I feel comfortable with people, that’s when I feel like I can truly be myself. And I want everyone to feel comfortable with me talking on the podcast as well.”

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