Labour accuse government of ‘clocking off’ amid heatwave

Labour have accused Boris Johnson and other ministers of “clocking off” amidst the Conservative leadership election.

Shadow levelling up secretary Lisa Nandy told Sky News this morning that Johnson has “clearly clocked off” along with e “many of the ministers in his government”.

Nandy argued that “today of all days” demonstrated her complaints regarding the government.

The Met Office has issued an unprecedented red extreme heat alert for Tuesday and today, with temperatures expected to reach 41 Celsius in most of England.


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Transport disruptions are expected to be severe.

“You’ve got a group of candidates who are very much preoccupied with winning the votes of Conservative MPs and Conservative Party members and the rest of the country have been discarded,” she explained.

“Not only have a number of the candidates said that they want to scrap the commitment to net zero, but [also] levelling up, which was the big idea, the mandate, on which this government came to power in 2019.”

Boris Johnson did not attend last week’s Cobra meeting regarding the heatwave, instead holding a party at the PM’s Chequers residence.

Kit Malthouse, recently promoted to Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in last week’s reshuffle told Sky News later this morning that it was unfair to criticise Johnson’s decision.

“It’s my job to chair Cobra meetings,” Malthouse stressed, adding: “I briefed him yesterday morning at about 8am personally.”

Malthouse argued that it was “completely unfair” to claim Johnson was avoiding important work because of his impending departure as PM.