Kylie Jenner Facing Blackface Accusations Over Recent Instagram Stories Post

Kylie Jenner has faced accusations of cultural appropriation and “blackfishing” for years, and she’s triggered critics yet again after a recent Instagram story video. Jenner is currently pregnant with her second child. Travis ScottJenner is seen in a luxurious car and showing off the growing baby bump. It’s Jenner’s skin tone, however, that’s caused a bit of controversy. 

Kylie Jenner, reality TV star and makeup mogul is well-known for her gorgeous pouts and perma-tan. But Jenner has often been criticized for those famed features. Jenner has been the focus of these accusations, while the Kardashian/Jenner families have been accused of multiple times of appropriating black culture.

Jenner wore a black, fitted bodysuit that hugged her curves like a dream in the Instagram Stories post. The fabric reached all the way to her arms and covered her hands as fingerless gloves. Her dark hair was loosely dangled around her shoulders.

Despite the attire, Keep up with the KardashiansEven for a California native like herself, star looked shockingly tanned. The fact that she turned the camera to show her face at a different angle made it appear that she was getting a darker tan. You can see the video below. 

“It’s crazy how celebrities can openly wear blackface with zero consequences. This hell never ends huh,” one person tweeted in response to Pop Crave’s reposting of the video.

Others were quick to respond. Many thought Jenner looked like she was wearing blackface, as her natural skin was much paler than the one shown in the video. One even tweeted a photo Rachel Dolezal. She pretended to have biracial heritage, even though she was born white.

Another commenter posted a photo without makeup and filters of Jenner, showing a paler complexion. The message was repeated by others, indicating that Jenner was not only trying to change her appearance, but also her race.

The video has since disappeared from Jenner’s Instagram account, but it’s unlikely that this latest backlash will result in any changes to how the reality star presents herself. Jenner has been subject to similar criticisms before.

We’d love to see an honest discussion with Jenner about this topic so she has a chance to defend herself and maybe even learn a bit from people with opposing views. Maybe it will be addressed eventually, but we’re certainly not going to hold our breaths waiting on it.