Kurt Russell Getting Liposuction After Gaining Weight On Vacation?

Did Kurt RussellHow can you lose weight quickly with liposuction? According to one magazine, after spending a “gluttonous European summer” with Goldie HawnRussell realized he needed to lose several weight and underwent surgery. Gossip Cop is digging deeper into the story to see if it’s true. 

‘Lazy’ Kurt Russell Relying On Liposuction To Lose Weight?

A recent report by the National Enquirer, Kurt Russell looks quite thinner these days, but he didn’t go to a gym to get those results. Instead, insiders claim the actor “didn’t get that thin sweating in the gym and dieting — he got liposuction!” Apparently, Russell “put on tons of weight over the summer and was carrying all of it in his gut.” So, to get fast results, Russell turned to surgery. 

Russell allegedly refuses to eat a healthy diet even though he lost weight via liposuction. According to insiders, “He’s back digging into pasta and steak with cream sauces and lobster with drawn butter.” But Russell supposedly isn’t worried. “Kurt figures he can eat and just get more lipo!” the source tattles. Even though Russell looks great now, friends and family “worry” he’ll rely on liposuction whenever he wants to drop a few pounds. 

Kurt Russell is Relying on Liposuction 

So, the National EnquirerCorrect? Kurt Russell is Kurt Russell going be able to rely upon surgery whenever he needs to lose weight. At Gossip Cop, we’re not buying this story. Yes, the actor did seem to shed a few pounds, but that doesn’t automatically mean he turned to liposuction. It is absurd for the tabloids to claim that Russell can get liposuction whenever and wherever he wants. The average person is not affected by this. liposuction requires a three-month recovery. It’s just bizarre to make this story up about the actor.

Moreover, the magazine has made false claims about Russell’s life in the past, making it even more difficult to believe this story. For example, the magazine once alleged Goldie Hawn had a “cancer scare,” which led to her and Russell finally getting married. This story was insensitive and bogus. Yes, many women in Hawn’s had a history with breast cancerHowever, there was never any news that she was using that to convince her husband to marry her. 

Kurt Russell: The Tabloid Coverage

Other tabloids are guilty of publishing false rumors about Kurt Russell too. The Beispiel: National Enquirer’s sister outlet, Globe, claimed Russell was “90 pounds overweight” and was at risk for serious medical issues. In fact, the tabloid went so far as to say Russell would be dead in two years because of his weight. But Gossip Cop didn’t take this narrative seriously, as Russell looked the same as he had for years. The actor is still in good health, and the tabloids still have a wrong impression of him.