Kimberly Guilfoyle Bragged About Raising Millions for Jan. 6 Rally

Fancelli, a reclusive family member of one the country’s richest familiesAccording to interviews and internal Trump Victory records,, was one such volunteer. Fancelli spent her time in Florida and Italy and raised at most $72,000 from her family and friends.

She stood out from Wren and Guilfoyle who, in 2020, considered her for a position as Florida state cochair for the bundling programme, according to an internal Trump Victory planning document. ProPublica. Fancelli was highlighted in the document as a person Guilfoyle should speak to personally.

Tacopina said Guilfoyle had never seen any such document “nor is aware of its supposed existence.”

Guilfoyle called Fancelli just before or on July 14, 2020, according to a separate set of text messages reviewed and confirmed by ProPublica. According to campaign finance records Fancelli contributed $250,000 to Trump Victory the next day.

Record shows that she had contributed $565,000 more to the campaign by election night.

Tacopina did not address the July 2020 phone call in his statement and did not respond to questions about Guilfoyle’s relationship with Fancelli. Fancelli didn’t respond to requests of comment.

After the election, Wren became the main fundraising consultant for a newly formed super PAC run by two of Trump Jr.’s closest aides. The super PAC, called “Save the US Senate PAC,” placed ads In which Trump Jr. encourages Georgians to vote Republican during the bitterly contested runoff elections, which would result in Democratic control over the Senate.

That PAC was primarily funded by LJ Management Services Inc., a company closely linked to Fancelli’s family foundation. According to records, it contributed $800,000 in several installments to the PAC.

Wren was involved with the rally preparations in December.

Wren shared multiple interviews with organizers ProPublicaShe was fulfilling the wishes of the Trumps. Many believed her, fearing that she would be disowned by the Trumps. Others thought she was exaggerating.

“Caroline kept talking about her connections to Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle,” said Cindy Chafian, a rally organizer who told ProPublicaAlex Jones put her in touch with Fancelli and Wren. “I thought she was full of crap.”

As ProPublica stated previously reported, Wren told Dustin Stockton, another rally organizer, that she had raised $3 million for Jan. 6 and “parked” funds with three Republican dark money groups supporting the rally.

Wren was involved in one case. routed roughly $150,000 from Fancelli to the Republican Attorneys General Association’s Rule of Law Defense Fund, which then purchased a robocall instructing Trump supporters to come to Washington and march on the Capitol after the president’s speech. A person familiar with the transaction said that the robocall was purchased to satisfy the conditions for the donation. ProPublica.

ProPublicaAlso reported Wren had forced rally organizers into allowing Jones and other far right leaders to speak before the president. The conflict grew so violent that a White House senior official suggested rally organizers call U.S. Park Police on Wren to have Wren taken off the Ellipse. Officers arrived but did nothing. Wren previously declined comment.

Guilfoyle also met Trump and other members from his inner circle at the Oval Office, and discussed the growing crowds outside. The Washington Post. “They’re just reflecting the will of the people,” she reportedly The president was informed. “This is the will of the people.”

On stage later that morning, Guilfoyle gave a rousing speech introducing Trump Jr. “We will not allow the liberals and the Democrats to steal our dream or steal our elections,” Guilfoyle told the crowd.

Trump Jr. then exhorted the crowd to send a message to the Republican members of Congress who “did nothing to stop the steal.”

Trump Jr. did no respond to an email request for comment.

Alexander and Jones left the rally before others. Wren escorted Alexander and Jones from the White House to prepare them for the march on Capitol Hill.

As the Capitol plunged into chaos later that day — police officers outnumbered and overrun, lawmakers huddled behind makeshift bunkers, tear gas enshrouding the building — Guilfoyle boarded a private jet.

She flew to Florida with at most two major Trump donors, Charles Herbster, a Nebraska gubernatorial candidate, and Richard Kofoed (a California entrepreneur), who chartered the plane. According to aviation records, the plane left Dulles International Airport around 3:47 p.m. It dropped Herbster off on Florida’s Amelia Island before heading for West Palm Beach. In planning documents, Wren identified both Herbster and Kofoed as her VIPs at the rally. Planning documents show Cassidy Kofoed, Richard Kofoed’s 23-year-old daughter, also worked with Wren on preparations for Jan. 6.

Herbster confirmed that Guilfoyle was aboard the plane. Cassidy Kofoed and Richard did not respond to our requests for comment.

Tacopina responded to questions regarding the flight by saying that Guilfoyle lived in Mar-a-Lago with Kofoed, his wife, and their children from December 2020 through July 2021.

Guilfoyle continues to be a major Trump fundraiser. In October, she was put at the helm of Trump’s super PAC, called Make America Great Again, Again!”