Kate Hudson’s Avocado Rice Cakes Recipe Looks Delicious, But We Can’t Stop Wondering What’s Up With Her Sweater

Actress, fashion entrepreneur, and now chef Kate Hudson just shared her recipe for avocado rice cakes on Instagram, but we can’t stop wondering what’s up with her outfit choice. This video is part of her partnership for Weight Watchers. Hudson was appointed an ambassador for the brand, now known as WW, in 2018. 

Hudson Celebrates New WW Program

The Almost Famous star captioned her post “When I get excited I tend to get aggressive with spoon pointing…clearly. Today, we have some great news! @ww has a NEW program… Introducing — PersonalPoints! I can now add avocado to my zero points list and in honor, I’m making avocado rice cakes.” 

The ingredients include avocado, tomato, jalapeno and salt. The actress stirs all the ingredients together and then spreads it over the rice cakes to make a delicious treat. 

“Don’t you love easy food?” she says in the video while eating the rice cakes. The video is only a minute and a quarter long, which shows how easy it can be to make healthy snacks. Hudson also shared a sweet story about her grandma while she prepared the food: “My grandma had to cut the salt out altogether when she got older….when we’d go to restaurants….we’d always say ‘She can’t have any salt.’ She’d go ‘I’m gonna go to the bathroom,’ and then she’d go to the waiter and say, ‘Just put some salt on my meal!’”

A Healthy Life

Hudson is committed to healthy eating and physical fitness. Hudson is an advocate for healthy eating and physical fitness. recent interview with Yahoo!Life, the actress said, “Fitness, for me, is my number one. My mental health and stability can be directly linked to how active I am. It really changes my brain. When I’m done working out, I just feel a thousand times better.”

In September of this year, Hudson revealed that she was engaged to Danny Fujikawa, her long-term partner. Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa is Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa’s two-year-old daughter.

Strange Outfit Choice

Even though the recipe is the focus of the video, we can’t stop looking at the Bride Wars star’s sweater. Hudson is wearing a tan sweater, with a zipper in the front and what seems like a cape. It seems strange to Hudson, but we aren’t supposed to judge.