Kamala Harris’ PR Trip to Paris Does Nothing to Help Her Approval Ratings

Past presidents went on foreign trips when their approval ratings dropped. Sometimes this works, but more often it doesn’t, because failure at home often follows them abroad. Global leaders can sense the twin of failure, weakness.

Vice President Kamala Harris, whose poll numbers and favorability among the public and even her fellow Democrats have sunk faster than a rock thrown in the River Seine, left for Paris this week where she is attending a five-day meeting “to focus on the plight of migrants and refugees.”

That’s a laugh, because she has done such a terrible job focusing on stopping the flow of migrants into the United States across what used to be called our southern border.

It was her first assignment by President Joe Biden. She has not done anything about it. Even casual observers can conclude that neither she nor Obama are interested in stopping the flow. That may be because Biden—and former President Barack Obama—have repeatedly said they want to “fundamentally transform America.”

A USA Today/Suffolk study of 1,000 registered voters between Nov. 3 – Nov. 5 revealed that Biden has a 38% approval rating and Harris has a 28% approval rating.

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According to SFGATE.com, found that “Harris is more unpopular than both congressional Democrats (29 percent approval) and congressional Republicans (35 percent approval), which is pretty hard to do as members of Congress often receive low marks in public opinion polls (overall congressional approval is at 12 percent).”

SFGATE topped the story with this devastating headline: “Kamala Harris has a comically bad approval rating.”

What is the irony? Will she now be a target of late-night comedians and “Saturday Night Live” skits? If she is, her treatment will likely be more gentle than the mean-spiritedness directed towards Sarah Palin.

A Google search of “Kamala Harris successes” turns up thin gruel. Most of her “accomplishments” have little to do with actual policy achievements and more to do with supposed achievements related to her race and gender.

In her brief time in the Senate, Harris took what has turned out to be the wrong side in the false Russian “collusion” allegations against then-President Donald Trump. She treated Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, like a convicted criminal. She was less interested in finding information than to draw a pre-determined conclusion that he was not fit for the bench.

The White House and some congressional leaders try to use these polls to their advantage, but it is unlikely that they will succeed.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., attempted to explain and dismiss Biden’s declining approval and rising disapproval numbers. Appearing on Fox News, the House majority whip said, it’s a “real tough time” to be president. Although it’s difficult to be president at all times, there have been some presidents who have done better than others. It is becoming more apparent that Harris and Biden are not up to the job.

The French have a wonderful way of putting things together, and Harris might be described in some French phrases. The kinder one is “Tu ne sais pas de quoi tu parles,” which means you don’t know what you are talking about. The other is considered vulgar and French slang: “Con comme balai,” which means as stupid as a broomstick. Draw your own conclusions about Harris’s actions or, even more important, from what he hasn’t done.

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