Julia Roberts’ Marriage Is ‘Make Or Break’ After Recent Trip To Australia?

Julia Roberts Danny ModerDivorce rumors are rife with them. According to one report, the two are closer than ever before to divorcing because of the Ocean’s Eleven Star is on vacation in Australia. Here’s what we know.

‘Aussie Heartache’

Roberts is currently working with George Clooney Paradise PassDown under. Moder is not to be found. According to insiders, Moder is not there. A New IdeaRoberts is given a break from her failed marriage by the shoot. “Danny and Julia both decided that she should go alone to Australia, at least for now,” a source says.

She and Moder insist they just don’t want to pull their kids from school, but the real reason is the roller-coaster marital drama. An insider says, “You get the feeling that if they can’t sort out their thoughts with this much-needed solo time, their relationship could be over.” Some soul searching could do the marriage some good.

What’s Going On With Julia Roberts?

It’s always fun when a story debunks itself. A New Idea correctly points out Roberts and Moder’s kids are all teenagers, so they can’t just up and leave the United States during the school year. George Clooney’s kids just turned 4, so traveling is much easier.

Roberts isn’t new to traveling for work, so this story is just a hoax. To celebrate their 19th anniversary, she posted a photo of Moder and herself in July. The caption is quite telling: “Just getting started!”

Stories from Australia Abound

Back in March A New IdeaModer claimed Roberts was concerned because she was filming with Sean Penn in Sydney. Penn is a close family friend so this was not true. It’s also promoted flings between Roberts and Richard Gere. Not because they had good chemistry. Pretty Woman doesn’t mean she wants kids with him.

Its embarrassing Matthew McConaughey story deserves to be kept under wraps. This article claimed McConaughey had been flirting with Roberts. Ridgemont High – Fast Times table read, but the table read hadn’t even happened when the story was published.

This isn’t the first time Gossip CopThis outlet has been confronted over its Roberts travel stories. It claimed Moder and Roberts were on a vacation to Hawaii in December last year. This sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? This outlet seems to be stumbling and out of ideas. Roberts and Moder seem to be doing well.