Joe Budden’s ‘I Like Guys & Girls’ Comment Clarified + His Ex Tahiry Jose Reacts: He May Be A Woman Beater But He’s Far From Bisexual

Joe Budden’s ‘I Like Guys & Girls’ Comment Clarified + His Ex Tahiry Jose Reacts: He May Be A Woman Beater But He’s Far From Bisexual

Update #1 (Nov.5): Joe Budden Did Not Come out as bisexual.

A complete clip from his podcast has been released. It shows that his words were not taken into context.

Before the viral video, Joe Budden The podcast hosts of his podcast were discussing the most recent reports surrounding DaBaby He made homophobic remarks earlier in the summer. Relationship Unleashed, a LGBTQ organization, appeared to forgive him and allow him to perform again after he met with dozens LGBTQ groups that educated him about his controversial comments. (Relationship Unleashed later clarified and said its statements were “grossly misquoted.”)

On The Joe Budden Podcast Co-host Ish Ask.

“We gotta get okayed by the gays to perform?”

Joe Budden Sarcastically reacts

“How do I spread this news? How can I spread this word? I like girls and guys. Spread the word. I’m down. I’ve seen enough.”

You can see it at the 53,00 mark.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia She responded. She wrote the following Instagram post:

“I knew it, happy for him.”

Another ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose shared her thoughts on social media.

She repeated her previous allegations of abuse against her. Joe Budden And wrote

“Joey May be a women beater but far from Bi… and Vado better stop calling , DM’ing me and popping up to my old crib. I’m jus sayin”

“Na, i would’ve known! We did things. & ’m submissive…. ONLY IN BED So that’s a hard pass. No point. Lol”

She continued,

“I’ve put the past behind me….THANK YOU THERAPY…. Please put a halt to the phone ringing !!!! He’s a calculated person, a smart person, so smart , it’s hurts him a lot of the times! stay tuned!”

“CLICK BAIT”… when will you guys learn [yawn Emoji]”

You can find more of her words below.

Original Story Is it? Joe BuddenAre you living in the truth? Or are you just trolling your fans with your latest confession?

It’s nothing new for former rapper turned podcast host Joe Budden41-year old. to be trending for his comments/actions His podcast’s latest episode, Joe Budden Podcast, the ‘Pump It Up’ rapper shocked listeners by claiming to be bisexual. He said this to his co-hosts while chatting with them.

“I’m bisexual.”

He continued,

“How do I spread this news…How do I spread the word?”

He said,

“Listen, I… Like guys and girls. Spread the word. I’m down.”

It’s unclear if Joe BuddenHe was being serious in his remarks. However, he did take to Twitter and encouraged fans to ‘continue to spread the word.’ He tweeted,

“Ahhhhhhh, I see the word got out!! Continue to spread the word pls”

Follow his tweets and comments. JoeOnline, he was a hot topic as his fans commented on his statements.

Is Joe Budden being serious or just playing games with his fans? Comment below!