Jennifer Garner Accused of ‘Hiding’ Ring Finger Amid Engagement Rumors

It is Jennifer Garner engaged?  Rumors are swirling about this simple question. A firm spotlight is on her fingers as everyone’s on ring watch. Here’s what’s going on.

Big Engagement Ring?

Garner is doing nothing, yet she’s still causing a stir. Reports are pouring in that she’s engaged to John Miller, a restauranteur whom she’s dated for three years. The 13 Going on 30 star is a pretty private person and doesn’t discuss her love life very much eat all. Tabloids believe that Miller and Star are still serious and could be getting married.

These rumors were reaffirmed last week when Garner filmed an Instagram Live video with Judy Greer. The two discussed the benefits of staying sober-ish, but that’s not what tabloids were drawn to. Instead, all anyone seemed to notice was the diamond on Garner’s left hand. Page Six noticed, and used the ring as proof that she’s secretly engaged.

Ring watching is a dangerous practice, however, as they’re not exactly as reliable as marriage certificates or even press releases. We pointed out that the ring in question was probably actually on Garner’s right hand, as she likes to keep a bracelet and watch on the left wrist, while those appeared to be on her right wrist in the video. Zoom mirrors images automatically, which we believe is why it looked like an engagement band.

Now There’s No Ring

Garner went for a walk around New York City after watching the Instagram Live video. The Daily Mail procured some photos, and they’re rather revealing. The usual bracelet on her left wrist is there, but there’s no ring on her left hand. This would seem to confirm that the reports about her engagement were exaggerated. 

It’s worth noting that she was not out with Miller, nor was he seen when Garner went trick or treating with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Since years, Miller has been the subject of rumors. We’ve seen stories about these two getting married before, and obviously, those were all totally false. Bearing this in mind, it’s hard to trust recent engagement stories.

Who knows?

Garner and her reps remained silent through all of these reports. With the likely flipped video and now no ring one thing is for sure: studying fingers isn’t an exact science, and nobody really has any idea if Garner’s engaged or not. It’s possible that Garner is engaged, but it’s best to be cautious. It’s completely possible that Garner Is privately engaged, but there’s no ring-based evidence to support this.