Jennie Garth: What’s In My Bag?

What’s inside? While Jennie Garth doesn’t always tout around her purse, it’s chock full of essentials when she needs them.

“I don’t really carry a purse very often,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 Exclusively told by alum 50 Us Weekly. “I don’t leave my house that much [and] if I do leave my house, I don’t leave my car. Like, that’s the next level.”

She added: “But when I go get out of the car, this is my purse and these are all the things in it that I can’t live without. So, there’s a lot in here, that’s why it’s big [because] I actually have a lot of big things in here!”

Jennie Garth is pictured at Wango Tango, June 2022.
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The Illinois native — who wed Dave Abrams in 2015 — opens up her bag exclusively with UseShe shared her reasons for keeping certain items on hand.

Stay Hydrated

“I don’t know about you, but are you guys addicted to carrying a water bottle wherever you go now? Like, like something’s gonna happen and there’s not gonna be any water to drink wherever I go,” she told Use. “But I know there is because I got my bottle and you can fit a full bottle wine in here if you want to, just saying. … I don’t, but you could!”

Her Own Youth Elixir

“This is my homemade face spray that I use morning, noon and night and all the time in between,! This is what I make. [and] it’s all natural. It’s, like, four ingredients and I’ve used this [for]Many, many more years. It’s my secret, secret youth serum right here. Maybe someday I’ll share it with you guys [but] for now, it’s all mine.”

Golfer Gal

“This is funny. This is something that I just won,” the actress noted. “I just started golfing during the pandemic and I’m learning. [I’m] not great yet, but I’m learning. This is something my club gave to me. It says most improved of 2021, but … my name is ‘Jeanie Garth.’ I don’t know if you can see that,” she said while holding up the golf trophy. “They misspelled it and I don’t know, but it means more to me now that it’s not even the right name.”

Keep Calm

“What else? This is an important part of my daily life. This is called ‘My Brain.’ These are supplements by Dr. Aman. This is great for those who have anxiety or nervousness. [and for] supernatural way to kind of calm things down in there, which I think we all might need from time to time.”

Write it down

The What I Like About You alum added: “My journal, this is another big item I have in my purse. … I never know when I’m gonna have a brilliant idea or an idea that I think is brilliant. So I have a lot more ideas than you can imagine for shows or business ventures. And I also keep all of my self-help notes in here.”

Taken from an Friend

“What else? Oh, here’s some glasses. These glasses are hilarious: They are my best friend! Tori [Spelling]’s glasses. I stole her glasses so I could see right [clearly]. They help a lot but don’t tell her [because] I don’t wanna give these back.”

What else is inside Garth’s purse? You can see her favorite lip balm, her favorite chips, and more in the exclusive video!

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