Janet Jackson Shows Off Bleached Brows at Fashion Show

Janet Jackson.
Courtesy Janet Jackson/Instagram

Bleached brows aren’t going anywhere! Singer Janet JacksonDuring an Alexander McQueen fashion event in London, she showcased her new look Tuesday, October 11.

Jackson, 56, shared a peek at her new bleached eyebrows via Instagram boomerang while holding up a peace symbol over them. She wrote in the caption that she was “Heading to the @alexandermcqueen show.”

She styled her brows with braids, a high ponytail and dark eyeshadow. The jacket also featured slits at her elbows, adding more details to the mix.

The bold new look was immediately loved by fans who commented with admiring words. One user wrote, “Woww you just look amazing,” while another said, “WERK IT MS JACKSON.” One more commented, “Fiiiiiieerrrcceee as always.”

The “I Get Lonely” singer shared a video of her getting ready for the event, with celebrity makeup artist Preston MenesesHer eyeshadow look was created by him. He highlighted her eyelids with dark shades while creating a dark crease. He blended the shades into her outer eye crease and under her eyes, giving her an edgey look. He also swept the dark colors outwards, creating a wing and applying black eyeliner. Opting for a more subtle face look, the artist used minimal blush and highlight, really drawing attention to her fierce eye makeup.

Jackson showed off her outfit in the video at the end. Also, you can see inside McQueen’s fashion show and afterparty. Jackson was posing with Letitia Wright, Black Panther star, and her glam squad.

Fans were immediately captivated by the Grammy Award winner’s afterparty look. Meneses added jewels above and below her eyes to make her sparkle. The gems accentuated her winged look, and made her look even more glamorous. The killer look was a fan-favorite, with users commenting heart-eye emojis, along with comments like “Omg, I love this makeup look for you. Its so different than anything you’ve done before.”

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of her sixth album, The Velvet RopeJackson shared a photo of herself from 1997 and a deluxe version of the album. In it, she’s seen with light eyeshadow and natural-looking face makeup, showing off her natural beauty features. The Indiana native proved she can pull off light makeup as well as a bold look.

The Deluxe Edition contains 38 songs, more than the original 23 from 1997. There are disco and club remixes to her fans’ favorite songs and 10 new bonus tracks.