Jamie Wallis MP issues statement about recent rape and being trans

Jamie Wallis (Conservative MP for Bridgend) has released a statement this morning in which he discusses his diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

In the statement published on his website, Mr Wallis states, “I’m trans. Or, to be more precise, I want to become. I’ve been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and I’ve felt this way since I was a very young child. This is something I never intended to share with you. I always imagined I would leave politics well before I ever said this out loud”.

In his statement, Mr Wallis described how someone had in April 2020 blackmailed him, exposed him to his father and sent photos to his family.  The man, who asked for £50,000 to keep quiet,  was subsequently sentenced to 2yrs and 9mnths in prison.

Continuing he said, “Being an MP and hiding something like this was always going to be tough, but I arrogantly assumed I was up for it. Well, I’m not”.


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Then writing about an incident in which he claims to have recently been raped, the Bridgend MP, who was first elected to the Commons in 2019 said, “A few months back, in September, I “hooked up” with someone who I met online and when I chose to say ‘no’ on the basis that he wouldn’t wear a condom he chose to rape me. I have not been myself since this incident and I don’t think I will ever recover. It is not something you ever forget, and it is not something you ever move on from”.

In November 2021, Mr Wallis was involved with a car accident in which he fled from the scene. Referring to the incident, Mr Wallis said in his statement, “When I crashed my car on the 28th November I fled the scene. I did it because I was scared. I have PTSD. I don’t know what I was doing, but I was overcome with fear. I am sorry that it appears I “ran away” but this isn’t how it happened in the moment.

Following this morning’s statement, Mr Wallis has received some support from political opponents.  Chris Bryant, the Labour MP for Rhondda in South Wales said, “Dear Jamie, I wish you all the very best.   Colleagues across the House will respect your openesss, honesty and the journey you are on”

Plaid Cymru MP, Liz Saville Roberts wrote, “This is an extraordinary brave message to send out Jamie. No matter what political views we may have, public life is hard-fought and often merciless no matter what. Great respect for your personal courage”.