Is Ignoring the Other Side a Winning Strategy for the Left?

My company, The Daily Wire premiered a blockbuster new documentary featuring Matt Walsh this week. Titled “What Is A Woman?”, the documentary investigates radical gender theory and its peculiar hold on the elites in our society—and how the insane proposition that men can become women and vice versa has become so well-accepted that even normal Americans now live in fear of questioning it.

The film is the biggest success in The Daily Wire’s history; hundreds of thousands of Americans have viewed it. Rotten Tomatoes has yet to review the film.

That’s because, according to the legacy and entertainment media, the film doesn’t exist. When the Daily Wire press team sent out invitations to reviewers to watch the film—knowing, of course, that the vast majority of reviewers are left-leaning and would undoubtedly pan the film—reviewers began responding with insults and declarations of preemptive hatred. “Hard pass,” wrote one. “Unsubscribe,” wrote another. “Lose my email. Forget my name.” A third reviewer, this one a member of GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics, wrote, “Hard f—-ing pass. I won’t give that transphobic bigot a platform on my site. Never email me again!” Thus, the current Rotten Tomatoes audience score for the film is 96%; the reviewer score remains empty.

Reviewers’ willingness to pretend that there is no controversy with regard to gender and sex perfectly reflects the left’s beliefs about transgender ideology more broadly. One gender reassignment surgeon—a medical doctor who performs body-mutilating surgeries—told Walsh that nobody believed in traditional ideas about biological sex anymore; only “dinosaurs” would believe such antiquated notions.

This denial of the existence of a countervailing argument has become a common feature of the left. The idea is that by pretending opposition to bizarre ideas doesn’t exist, you can mainstream those bizarre ideas. Thus, “everyone believes” that climate change is not merely a byproduct of human activity, but that it threatens life on earth; to deny the latter proposition is tantamount to Holocaust denial. “Everyone believes” that America is systemically racist; to do otherwise is to mark yourself as a bigot.

But what if everyone was there? doesn’t Do you believe such assertions? What if there are millions of Americans — the majority of Americans, in fact — who believe precisely the opposite? The only way to stop people from believing the opposite is to censor them. Ex-Senior Advisor to Barack Obama Dan Pfeiffer spoke on MSNBC to warn that conservative views are a threat. “Right wing content,” Pfeiffer observed, “dwarfs progressive content (on Facebook). It dwarfs mainstream media content, which actually should be the part that scares us the most, that Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire has more followers and engagement, many times more than The New York Times or CNN… That is a problem for democracy.”

Democracy is simply the Approved View. If the Approved View is not popular, it is likely that there is a problem with propaganda, which in turn is a problem for democracy. Ban such propaganda and create a monopoly for the Approved view is the only way to solve this problem. If the echo chamber isn’t strong enough to drown out the outsiders, simply silence those outside the chamber, then declare democracy safe.

There’s only one problem: it won’t work. Democrats have secluded themselves in an increasingly progressive universe where the most controversial propositions are utterly noncontroversial. In this universe, the other side doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, the other side is not there for the left. Does exist. They also vote. They vote.


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