‘If you don’t try, you’ll never know’

Rosa Saito may not be everyone’s idea of a fashion model. She is now 71 years old, and discovered modeling her passion a little later in her life.

However, she proved that the world’s superficial and conventional beauty standards are not exactly what defines beauty. Rosa Saito believes that age is just a number when it comes to modeling.

Rosa Saito | Instagram

Rosa’s Early Life

Rosa Saito was a Sao Paolo native, but when she turned five, her Japanese parents moved her to Brazil’s capital.

She recalled how much arts were a passion of hers from a young age, and that she would often display this in school. “I was the only one who filled the classroom walls with drawings, telling a story,” shared Rosa.

Young fashion model Rosa Saito
Rosa Saito | Instagram

Rosa, like us all, has experienced many life struggles and challenges. Rosa was just 22 years old when her mother became incapacitated. Other people her age were either studying or working.

Her husband died in 2000 and she was left with their three children. Since then, she was unable to care for them.

Despite life’s challenges, she found solace in gardening. “It is important to seek and find yourself. My moment of peace is when I am with them (plants). I go to my garden and talk to them,” Rosa said.

Rosa Saito in a fashionable couture red dress
Rosa Saito | Instagram

Rosa’s Career as a Fashion Model

Though Rosa always knew she was meant to pursue something creative, she didn’t think she would become a model, especially at her age.

It all began when she was asked by two modeling scouts to join their agency. Then, a photographer asked her to be their model.

Fashion model Rosa Saito in pink dress
Rosa Saito | Instagram

“Twice it was by professionals from the Mega modeling agency and once by a photographer. I let the idea mature over a year because it was expensive. It wasn’t something I was going to get into just like that, blindly,” Rosa recalled.

Rosa, 68, decided to try modeling despite her lack of knowledge. Rosa’s adventurous personality helped her find the path she was meant for.

She finally found her greatest passion and continues to work towards it. Rosa Saito was her real name.

Fashion model Rosa Saito looking young in her trendy outfit
Rosa Saito | Instagram

Rosa is a breath-of-fresh air in the fashion world. Rosa became an overnight success in just one year and has since been followed by over 22,000 people.

Rosa wasn’t after the spotlight, however. “I only seek to do the best in what I embrace with love and to find myself,” said Rosa. “I thought: be what God wants. If I don’t try, I’ll never know.”

Rosa’s Hope for the Beauty Industry

Rosa Saito in a white dress
Rosa Saito | Instagram

Rosa is naturally slim and tall. She also takes good care her body. Rosa grew up using natural remedies and never had to take any aspirin as a kid.

“It was all based on tea, and in my essence, I am like that, kind of against everything that is chemistry. So I always took care of myself with aloe, coconut oil, and olive oil,” she said.

Fashion model Rosa Saito with blue eyeshadow
Rosa Saito | Instagram

When she was asked if there was something she wanted to change about her, she replied that she does, but she is not unhappy with herself.

“I don’t believe aging is the right word. I would call it learning. I continue learning and feel that the more I know, the more I can learn. Although time does pass, what is time, my God, in heaven? If I could give my soul in age, it would be a 22.

Rosa Saito during a photoshoot
Rosa Saito | Instagram

She believes that the standards in the beauty industry are very oppressive, but they will improve.

“I feel that slowly, we are changing. People are living longer, taking care of themselves more and companies really need to open up more in that sense and visualize these potential customers.”

To follow this amazing model’s journey please visit her Instagram page.