Hunt and Zahawi eliminated from leadership contest

Jeremy Hunt, Nadhim Zahawi and Nadhim Zahawi were removed from the Conservative leadership
Contest after the first round.

The results were announced by Sir Graham Brady (chairman of the 1922 commission). Here are the 8 results.
The names of the candidates and the number they received in votes:

Badenoch 40
Braverman 32
Hunt 18
Mordaunt 67
Sunak 88
Truss 50
Tugendhat 37
Zahawi 25

Jeremy Hunt and Nadhim Zhawi failed to reach the minimum threshold, which is 30 votes.
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The 2 candidates with less votes will be eliminated.
How many votes they receive until there are only two votes left.

There is speculation already about Hunt’s future with Zahawi. Hunt is well-known.
be on the ‘one-nation’ side of the party, so is expected to back Rishi Sunak or Tom
Tugendhat. There is currently less certainty around Zahawi’s stance.

Penny Mordaunt is currently in second place, while Rishi Sunak is still the leader.