How Often Should You Throw Away Your Pillow?

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Having the proper tools for a good night’s sleep—high-quality cotton sheets, good pillows, and a fluffy comforter with the proper weight—are essential if I want to have sweet dreams. High-quality, comfortable bedding is always something that I’ve splurged on during my adulthood because I value sleep A LOT.

I consider high-end bedding an investment in my own health. These items can last a lifetime if you take care of them properly. You might be a little crazy spending a few hundred bucks on sheets or a Benjamin on pillows. It’s a great deal if you get 1,000 nights of amazing sleep.

You Say Throw Away My Pillows

According to a report by HealthThe bedroom can be a breeding ground of germs and allergens that could cause skin diseases and breakouts. They warn that there are six things that should be done in your bedroom. planned obsolescenceFor optimal health and hygiene. This advice also includes tossing your pillows every year!

OK, maybe my special feather and down pillow that I’ve had since 1998 should be tossed. But you shouldn’t throw away pillows Everywhere year? What’s up with that?

The Outrageous Claim

The Health report claimed that because pillows “lose their shape and support each night you rest your head on them”, you should get new ones “every one to two years.”

“A lumpy or flat pillow will likely result in chronic pain, headaches, and stiffness,” sleep expert Amy Diamond of Brooklyn Bedding explained to Health. “You or your partner’s snoring could worsen due to lack of head and neck support.”

There’s also the possibility that your pillows have developed grooves or holes “where harmful dust mites and bacteria might hide.”

This Pillow Advice Is a Wasteful Idea

I support you buying new pillows every other year. As I mentioned, I have my own preferences when it comes to bedding. However, the idea of throwing out pillows every year seems wasteful.

A good pillow is a good investment. My Pillow—I’m a “standard/queen firm” girl—you should expect it to last a lot longer than a year with proper care and maintenance.

If you’ve ever had an amazing night’s sleep at a hotel, chances are you were probably sleeping on a Pacific Coast Feather Double Down Around pillow. You can now purchase these pillows for yourself!

Even with cheaper pillows that do get flat, there’s no need to throw them away. They can be donated to a shelter or recycled. The possibilities are endless if you’re creative.

Amazing Uses for Old Pillows

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Did you know that feathers are a great material for composting? You don’t have to throw out your feather pillows. Instead, you can remove the feathers from the pillows and use them as fertilizer in your garden.

You could also use your old pillows for a comfortable pet bed. You can also use the pillow stuffing to cover the bottom of a small caged pet like a Hamster. Of course, you’d have to throw out that cage lining eventually. But this does give your pillow some extra life before it’s tossed in the trash.

You can even stuff old pillows with other pillows! It’s a great way to fill out pillows that are losing their fluffiness and make them feel like new.

Old bed pillows can be stored in the car and used for road trips as pillows. Flat pillows can be wrapped around seat belts. Old pillows make great garden tools. An example of this is a bed pillow that can be used as a kneepad for when you are bending down.

You can use an old pillow to protect fragile items when shipping or for moving large electronic or furniture pieces.

DIY Pillow Projects

Turning old, flat bed pillows into throw pillows is another great option. You can simply fold the pillow in half, fold the fold together and cover it with a cover.

Here’s an idea that I actually have personal experience with–and I am the farthest thing from a DIYer that you will ever find. I took an old king-sized pillows and made a draft barrier that I placed at my front door.

I cut and sewn a pillowcase in a long draft blocking fabric and then filled it up with old pillow stuffing. I felt so accomplished and handy!

You can also use old pillows to make Halloween costumes or stuffed animals. You can also re-stuff toys and make fake snow from the stuffing to make it part your Christmas decor.

There are many ways to save your pillows. You can either invest in new pillows or make DIY projects with them. Seriously, the trash can shouldn’t even be an option.