How Does Addiction Affect Your Mental Health

This page is about recreational drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine, as well alcohol, cigarettes and prescription medications if they are overused. You can choose to have drugs classified as legal, illegal, or restricted. Only if you have a prescription, they are legal.

What drives people to use drug?

There are many reasons people use drugs. You might start because you are curious, rebellious or because your friends do it. You might love using them and want to do it again. If you’re feeling unhappy, anxious or struggling to deal with life’s challenges, you might consider drugs. If you have a mental illness, you may need medication to manage your symptoms.

Some people use drugs to temporarily get out of difficult situations. Drugs could, however, exacerbate unpleasant emotions and sentiments. Any feelings of relaxation will not last long. You might find yourself using more drugs to manage your problems. This could lead to you becoming addicted, which could lead to more problems. It’s better to get help from an addiction treatment center It is better to act sooner than later.

What are the possible effects of recreational drug use on my mental well-being?

There are many ways that drugs can affect your mental health. Certain individuals may experience long-term mental health problems from taking drugs.

Regular cannabis use can increase your chances of developing anxiety and depression. Psychosis and schizophrenia can also be linked to stronger cannabis use. You can find more information about cannabis and mental illness on the Rethink website.

Stimulant medications can cause anxiety, depression, and paranoia. Cocaine, a stimulant can cause mental health issues to resurface as well as psychosis or schizophrenia. Memory problems can occur in users of ecstasy.

Mental health problems can be exacerbated by hallucinogenic substances and magic mushrooms. They can make you feel disconnected from your surroundings or trigger unpleasant memories.

Mixing medicine and alcohol can cause serious side effects. The mind is more aware of the potential side effects of mixing different medications.

You may feel like you have no control over your drug use or that you need more to achieve the desired effects. If this is you, you could be addicted. Addiction to drugs can be linked to mental health issues.

Any medication can be dangerous. The Frank website has more information about how different pharmaceuticals can affect your mental or physical health.

How to get assistance

If you feel that your drug use is negatively impacting your mental well-being, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. You can either speak to your doctor or contact a local NHS program for drug treatment. For practical assistance, visit the Frank website.

Tell the truth about your drug abuse. Although it may be difficult to talk about, it is easier to get the truth from your doctor or support worker about what you take, how often you take it, and how it affects your health. Your therapy will be more effective.

Talking therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), may be provided. Antidepressants will not help with sadness caused by ecstasy, and antipsychotics will not treat psychosis caused by cannabis use. You may be prescribed medication if you have a mental disorder that you were aware of before you start using drugs.

You may be able get help from drug treatment facilities to quit using drugs or alcohol.