How Did Democrats Become So Out of Touch With the American People?

The president of the United States, who is equal parts senescent, and feckless seems to get record-breaking low approval ratings almost every week. A Quinnipiac University poll found that only 31% of Americans approve the way Joe Biden does his job. This is a significant number, even among political independents. Lower23% approval, 67% disapproval

A majority of Americans hope that Biden will not seek another term as president.

It is easy to understand why. The republic is in bad shape. America’s foreign policy blunders such as the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, are embarrassing on the global stage. As the southern border is wide open, a large number of smugglers, traffickers, and other criminals can flow in, it has weakened our homeland territorial integrity.

Homicide and other violent crime, which skyrocketed in the 2020 “summer of love” riots, continue to spike; the New York City subway is unsafe, and Chicago is a veritable war zone. Mobocracy is rampant; a sitting Supreme Court justice was almost assassinated. Over 9% inflation is now affecting those at the bottom of the economic ladder. The national average for gasoline is well above $4 per gallon.

Despite the extraordinary challenges facing the American people, the Biden Administration and Democratic Party elites would prefer to focus on the overarching imperatives: climate change hysteria; abortion up until birth; and a faraway war with Eastern Europe that has become completely disconnected from the American national interests.

This raises a crucial, but obvious question: How did modern Democrats become so powerful? ThisAre you out-of-touch with the American people

Perhaps the best example is energy policy. Most lower- and middle-income Americans drive cars or trucks as part of their daily commutes; they cannot resort to urban rail, let alone the “work from home” that has become a post-COVID-19 hallmark of the professional-managerial laptop class. Bank account-busting gasoline prices directly cut into stagnant wages, affecting blue-collar families’ very ability to put food on the table.

Biden continues to deny new drilling permits for Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, even though he stopped doing so just this month. He was unable to secure a long-term commitment from Saudi Arabia or OPEC in general to increase production on his recent Middle East trip.

Worse, he openly flirts with declaring a “national emergency” on climate change, the ultimate upper-income “limousine liberal” hobbyhorse, notwithstanding the fact the U.S. only contributes about 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions and the obvious reality that draconian unilateral reductions to fossil fuel extraction and usage would destroy already-battered consumers.

In a bit of loose-lipped candor, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, testifying this week before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, let slip his belief that “the more pain” Americans feel at the pump, “the more benefit” there is for electric vehicle owners.

It would be a headline-grabbing story for weeks if such disdain and arrogance from a Cabinet officer were to happen under a Republican administration. It would dominate the late-night shows, as Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at those nasty, “Gordon Gekko”-esque robber baron Republicans.

Democrats don’t realize that America is truly blessed with such a vast supply of hydrocarbons. To not only ignore and fail to take advantage of that blessing, but to actively thwart it and instead celebrate “pain” by focusing on the alleged virtue of electric vehicle ownership, is downright evil. (An interesting fact, the average electric vehicle costs 82% of the median American household’s income.

Although energy policy is a very specific example, it is not unique in this regard. The sensibilities of the average American citizen have not been so far removed by the current Democratic priorities.

As the contentious issue of abortion returns to the states following the landmark Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, congressional Democrats rush to statutorily codify national abortion access right up until birth. George Soros-funded “progressive prosecutors,” such as George Gascon in Los Angeles and Alvin Bragg in Manhattan, continue to fan the flames of unrest and anarchy, undeterred by last month’s stunning recall of like-minded San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. The fight for Ukraine, a deeply corrupt country whose security establishment just endured Stalin-esque “treason purges,” is held up as the defining struggle for Western liberal democracy. Rewriting Title IX to encompass transgenderism—by executive fiat, no less—may imperil women’s locker rooms and destroy women’s sports, but is foisted upon us by the neoliberal establishment as “progress,” tout court.

The priorities of the Democratic Party today are out of sync with the American people. They want safe communities, stable prices and secure borders, but they don’t want to be ruled by the COVID-era biomedical state. Democrats don’t talk about any of that, at best—and they outright impede those prerogatives, at worst.

The transformation of the Democratic Party from a one-time working man’s labor party into today’s identity politics-driven woke monstrosity did not transpire overnight, but that transformation is now complete. The result is not what you would expect.

The Democratic Party dog is controlled by a multifaceted tail. It combines criminal adulation with Gaia worship, Malthusian Radism, Eugenicist Lust, Gaia worship, Gaia worship, Gaia worship, Gaia worship, Malthusian Radicalism, and eugenicist lust. Maybe that will play well for certain Upper West Side and West Hollywood voting precincts this November, but it won’t play very well in real America.


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