How Cameron Diaz Is Recovering After an Injury Derailed Her Workouts

Cameron Diaz.

Accept the good and the bad. Cameron DiazShe shared how a recent injury caused her to change her workout mindset and overall approach towards health.

“I’m still healing from an injured Achilles, so I’ve been away from working out for eight months,” the 49-year-old actress explained in Goop’s latest newsletter. “I used to be really strong and really active and I was made to sort of be still for a while.”

The Charlie’s AngelsStar noted that she learned a lot about herself while embracing a slower pace lifestyle during her recovery.

“For anyone who’s been trying to come back from something like that — it doesn’t have to be an injury; it can happen after giving birth or any process in life that stops you in your tracks — going easy on yourself is the way through it,” Diaz wrote. “Being so strong most of my life, I was used to going hard and leaning into my strength, and I’ve had to do the opposite.”

The There’s Something About Mary star added: “I took so many steps in my mind before I ever took an actual step. I did a lot lying on my stomach, being aware of my body and allowing it to know what it needed. Maybe my hips needed twisting or my back to arch. I didn’t force it into anything and just honored the fact that I had an injury.”

Diaz explained that she “wasn’t about [to] jump … back into [her] usual workout,” and instead she took time to reflect and ease into her routine. “It’s been a process of building myself back, and I feel like I’m stronger now than when I started,” the MaskContinued actress

California native Raddix shares Raddix, a 2-year-old girl, with her husband Benji Madden, noted that she’s OK with slowing down as she continues to age.

“I’m looking forward to all the aspects of growth to come in my 50s,” Diaz revealed. “I’m working on building my muscle mass so I’ll have it as my hormones change.”

The Avaline wine cofounder further revealed her approach to growing old, noting that the within the last 10 years “the whole concept of aging has just changed completely,” which is she is happy about.

“I’m excited. I’ve got 50 or 60 years to go — I want to live to be 110, since I’ve got a young child,” Diaz said. “I think you have this amazing moment in your 40s where you appreciate who your parents are, and I want to have that moment with her — be there with her in her 40s.”

The Other Woman actress pointed to her family, who she says comes “from sturdy stock,” as her inspiration for a long and full life.

“My grandmother was running around in the hot San Fernando Valley sun at 72, hauling big bags of rabbit feed and chicken feed around,” she added. “I think I’ve got some of that. And as is true for most people, I think how I look and feel is some combination of what I do and what I don’t do.”

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