How America Became La La Land

America has been a dystopia for the last 14 months. It is becoming partly the world of George Orwell’s “1984,” and partly the poet Homer’s land of the Lotus-Eaters.

Nothing seems to be working. No one seems to care.

The once secure border of 2020 has disappeared. In the past 12 months, more than two million people have illegally crossed the southern border. Millions more are coming.

The Biden administration unilaterally shattered existing immigration law.

The next few days were surreal. The administration claimed that COVID was back on the horizon. The administration justified the requirement that American citizens continue to wear masks in public buildings, and in transportation. It also waived all requirements for illegal entrants.

Citizens who abided by our laws had to wear masks; foreign nationals who violated them didn’t need to.

Biden attacked near-criminals who mounted border guards and used long reins for their horses to control them. After investigations cleared them of wrongdoing they went mute. This administration appears to regard its own American law enforcement at borders as criminals, and non Americans who break our laws are their moral superiors.

Biden then created the perfect recipe to bring back the 1970s inflation.

Print more money. Run up multitrillion-dollar annual deficits. Borrow trillions of dollars on top a $30 trillion national deficit. For staying home, send generous check to workers. Don’t be surprised by historic disruptions in the supply chain.

Biden became feisty when he was reminded that his deliberate actions are the classic roads towards inflation. Or he was a savage and blamed everyone and everything for his own suicide plans.

We heard that inflation was temporary at first. The elite were the only ones concerned about inflation. Then, it was just a matter if exercise equipment was in short supply. It was then solely due to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was then, somehow, also due to former President Donald Trump. It was an organic phenomenon that presidents didn’t have the power to stop.

America was energy-independent until the Biden administration. Biden immediately cancelled federal oil and gas leases upon the orders of his Green New Deal masters. He stopped all new pipelines. He resisted private financing of fossil fuel production.

Biden was determined to fulfill his campaign promises that he would eliminate the use of oil and natural gas on his watch.

The public became angry as the prices rose and the public became more irritated. The public reacted with more confusion.

The administration refused to change its destructive energy policies. As the administration floundered in desperate times, Biden begged American foes Iran, Russia and Venezuela to help pump more oil for us. It begged Saudi Arabia to produce more oil, which it did not have enough of but was unable to produce.

Biden tapped the strategic oil reserve. But the existential danger was not natural disaster or war, but Biden and his far more dangerous policies.

We looked at Afghanistan’s situation abroad and fled. The Taliban terrorists quickly overtook the government and restored its medieval rule.

The administration disposed of a $1 billion embassy in Washington and demolished a $300m refitted Bagram Airbase. Taliban terrorists were given more than $70 billion worth of military supplies and weapons.

Many thousands of refugees were airlifted to the United States, although they may not have been properly vetted and transported into the country. Hundreds of translators and military helpers were also left behind.

Biden blamed his generals for the Afghanistan disaster as public outrage grew. Then he blamed Trump. He denied that he had ever claimed that the war was being well-run.

The humiliating flight was eventually deemed to be a near-perfect logistical evacuation. America should be proud of its ability to run away rather than fight.

What is the secret to America’s sudden failure?

All of these problems are self-inflicted. These problems didn’t exist before Biden created them for ideological or politically motivated reasons. His administration apparently wanted a changing electorate and a more favorable demography at all costs.

Perhaps Biden was content that those who had to commute in cash were forced to burn less gasoline. Perhaps he was more politically rewarded if he printed more money.

Second, Biden is unable to solve these self-created problems due to the ideological restrictions imposed by the Left.

The administration is more concerned about the anger of the hard Left than the furore of the American people. It will not change. They prefer to be politically correct, and a failure, rather than being ideologically incorrect, and successful.

The third is that when people object, the administration either blames others for its own mess or seeks distractions. Now it is faulting gun owners for the crime wave it fostered, supposed “white supremacists” for the racial tensions it fanned, and Putin, whom it appeased.

What is the common denominator? Biden knows that he inherits a stable, prosperous America. But he almost destroyed it.

He also knows that the American people are aware of this.

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