Heritage Foundation’s ‘Transition’ Project to Set Conservative Agenda

Thursday’s announcement by the Heritage Foundation was to launch a 2025 Presidential Transition Project that would prepare a governing agenda for the next administration and conservative policy recommendations. 

A former high-ranking Trump administration official, Paul Dans, will direct the initiative, the leading think tank saidIn a press statement. 

Donald Trump appointed Dans as chief of staff to the Office of Personnel Management. This office oversees 2 million federal employees. 

At OPM, Dans managed Agency with 2,600 employees. He also was  OPM’s White House liaison and senior adviser to the director.  

“I am excited for the great things Paul Dans and our team will do to make this vision a reality,” Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts said in a written statement, adding:

His extensive experience in personnel issues, combined with his love of this country and the principles which make it great, will be invaluable as we begin the process to restore America and unify the conservative movement around that goal.

The Heritage Foundation’s multimedia news agency, The Daily Signal (Multimedia News Organization), is The Daily Signal. 

President Joe Biden’s term expires Jan. 20, 2025. Biden, 79 years old, has indicated that he will run for a second term starting in 2024. 

Heritage’s  2025 Presidential Transition Project builds on the think tank’s “Mandate for Leadership” publications, the first of which was influential in guiding the legislative agenda of President Ronald Reagan. 

Trump, who, unlike Reagan, had Republican majorities in both House and Senate for two consecutive years, enacted legislation two-thirds of Heritage’s “Mandate for Leadership” recommendations for his administration.

“The Washington, D.C., bureaucrats responsible for crafting and implementing policy can be just as damaging to our country as those elected to lead it,” Roberts said, adding:

It is not enough for conservative leaders to be able to articulate the right policy. We must ensure that those around these leaders cherish American greatness, abide by our Constitution and believe in the supremacy and superiority of our God-given freedoms.

We are establishing the 2025 Presidential Transition Project three years before the next administration. Heritage will help provide not just the intellectual firepower to policymakers, but also do everything we can to ensure the right people hold positions of influence in Washington—and are empowered to root out those who no longer serve the interests of the American people.

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