Henpecked George Clooney Giving Up On Hollywood To Save ‘Crumbling Marriage’ To Amal?

It is George ClooneyHe gave up his acting career in order to please his wife. Amal? According to one tabloid, the Clooneys are facing serious marital problems, causing George to cut back on acting gigs. Gossip CopLet’s take a closer look at this story. 

‘Henpecked’ George Clooney ‘Shrinks Career To Please Amal’? 

According to a report by the National Enquirer, George Clooney’s “meekly setting Hollywood aside” to save his marriage to Amal. George was apparently offered multiple roles in ads and movies after the quarantine restrictions were lifted. However, sources claim Amal “has put her foot down” on her husband’s busy schedule. The tabloid claims Amal made a deal that George can only work on “a single movie a year.” 

The outlet reveals that in addition to cutting back on acting gigs, Amal’s also forcing George to give up his dream of working in politics. Insiders spill that George knows “to keep Amal happy, he has to scale back on work and abandon his dream of a political career.” According to the sources close to the Clooneys, George has to cut back on work “if he wants to stay married” at all. “[He] promised Amal to put her and their family first,” the source alleges. 

Is George And Amal Clooney’s Marriage Crumbling? 

The National Enquirer‘s latest narrative about George and Amal Clooney seems to have been created out of thin air. George and Amal were seen with their children at an Australian mansion just a few days back. The duo’s spending two weeks together in Australia for George’s Paradise Ticket, which doesn’t seem like something of a “crumbling marriage.” 

It is also difficult to believe that Amal is making her husband less active. Earlier in the month, the couple attended George’s The Tender Barpremiere and seemed more in love than ever. George and Amal walked down the red carpet. they packed on the PDAHe has even been caught kissing in front cameras. He’s even produced multiple movies this year already. Again, pretty clear evidence George and Amal aren’t fighting or suffering from a “crumbling marriage.” 

A Recycled Narrative on George and Amal Clooney

The National Enquirer has been creating false rumors about George and Amal Clooney’s marriage falling apart for a while now. For example, the outlet once alleged the couple was fighting over George riding motorcycles. Apparently, Amal “put her foot down so strongly about motorcycles,” which in turn saved their “rocky marriage.”

We’re not sure why, but the tabloid continuously portrays Amal as controlling, often forcing George to give in to her demands. However, there’s usually little to no evidence for any of the claims this outlet makes.