Healthy Starbucks Recipe For A White Chocolate And Pumpkin Cold Brew

The Macro Barista is back, our favorite source for all things Starbucks, but healthier. This time he’s got a truly delectable fall creation deemed, the WAP. This drink is just an acronym for white and pumpkin, so don’t forget your earmuffs.

The Macro Barista shares his recipe through social mediaHis websiteHe is always willing to share his copycat recipes with us, as well as new creations. His recipes are full of flavor and only a fraction of the calories. The WAP drinkThe average flavored cold beverage has 95 calories and only 15g sugar. Grande is a much better choice. Pumpkin Cream Cold BrewContains 250 calories and 31g of sugar

How to Order The WAP 

The Macro Barista suggests ordering a Grande cold-brew first. You’ll then ask for only one pump of pumpkin sauce, and a half pump of white chocolate. Ask for Splenda, Stevia or any other zero-calorie sweetener to sweeten the drink. You can add milk or cream to the drink, but it will increase calories. (But, it’s definitely worth it!)

It’s important to note that Grande recipes typically use about 4 pumps of syrup or sauce. You can AlwaysYou can customize your order to request less of a particular flavor or a substitute in sugar-free options.

After you have tried the WAP, try some of Macro Barista’s other fall and holiday-inspired drinks. These drinks are featured on his Instagram and feature notes of caramel, vanilla and toffee. They’re warm, delicious, and will get you ready to take on colder weather. If you’re ready to make the switch from iced drinks to hot drinks (which I definitely am), these drinks come highly recommended.

The Chestnut Praline LatteThis cup tastes like Christmas in one cup, and only has 80 calories and 12g of sugar. The Salted Caramel MochaIt will contain approximately 100 calories and 12g of sugar. The fall-loving crowd will love this delicious recipe. Pumpkin Spice “Latte”Macro Barista will make the Macro Barista’s creations with approximately 90 calories and 17g sugar. Last but not least, the Eggnog “Latte”The holiday spirit will be heightened by this delicious recipe, which only contains 60 calories and 10g sugar. Happy Holidays!