Hazel E Defends Plastic Surgery Against Critics: My Tummy Tuck Was Necessary, I Could Barely Walk!

Hazel E defends plastic surgery against critics: My Tummy Tuck was Necessary, I Could Barely Stand!

The internet hasn’t been very accepting of rapper and TV personality Hazel E’sRecent cosmetic procedures, and the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Veteran speaks out about it.

Hazel E came to her own defense and posted this on her Instagram story:

“Somebody said I don’t love myself…no, I do love myself alot. I just haven’t been able to accept these changes my post baby body did. It is never easy to have surgery of any kind. But you can do it if you really need it. If your muscles were not attached to your body and your organs were flapping in the wind, I’m sure you’d consider fixing it. The liposuction is optional. My tummy tuck was essential. I couldn’t even walk. Hence why I let b****es hold my child, haven’t been on a red carpet since 2018.”

She continued:

“Having a child at almost 40 was risky ASF. But I did it and have been trying my best to get myself back together since. I was clearly at the mercy of others when I contracted the staph disease. I would never put myself in danger for vanity. This is the story. 2014 Hazel is not 2021 Arica. And that’s on periodt.”

Hazel E—whose real name is Arica Tiffany Adams—gave birth to a baby girl in 2020. She is one of many modern mothers who have gone under the knife (or syringe), after a pregnancy.

Hazel E, daughter Ava

Many social media users believe that reality star has deep-rooted issues. It’s no secret that she has received a considerable amount of cosmetic procedures. A look on Iyanla, Fix My LifeIn 2018, she strengthened her relationship to plastic surgery.

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