Gove backpedals No 10’s emergency budget hints

The levelling up secretary has contradicted the government’s previous suggestions an emergency budget could be on the horizon.

Yesterday afternoon the prim minister suggested that he would be “saying more” about the government’s cost of living response “in the days to come.

These comments were made after Kit Malthouse, the minister of police, refused to rule out an emergency budget.

Quizzed by Sky News yesterday, after British Chambers of Commerce head Shevaun Haviland urged the chancellor to tackle soaring costs, Malthouse explained that he “ did not know” if an emergency budget would happen. “You would have to get the Chancellor on and talk to him about that but I think he said in the media yesterday that he is constantly reviewing what he can do to assist,” he went on.


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However he added that: “Well, we don’t rule anything in or anything out. I am afraid you are asking me questions above my pay grade.”

However, the Treasury has denied the plans.

The levelling up secretary appeared to suggest the Treasury had won the tussle, telling Sky News that “both” the Treasury and No 10 are… right and no, there won’t be an emergency Budget.”

“The key thing is it is sometimes the case… that words from a prime minister or a minister are overinterpreted,” he went on.

Last week, the Bank predicted that inflation would reach 10 percent by December.

As energy prices rise and living costs rise, the UK economy will shrink further in 2014.

In 2023, wages are expected to fall by 0.25 percent.